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Letter games for preschoolers

Engage your children with fun, educational games and activities during their preschool years. Play these letter games with your kids at home or while traveling in the car.

Mom and preschooler on computer

Preschool letter games can teach the alphabet, reinforce letter recognition and introduce phonics and the fundamentals of reading. Give your children a head start before they begin kindergarten by playing letter games with them that are specifically geared toward preschoolers.

1Letters with Oobi

In this game on the website, Oobi helps your child with letter recognition. Oobi names an object that begins with a certain letter, then your child will try to match that with another object beginning with the same letter by clicking their choice between two possible answers. This is a very simple letter game that children can start playing with a little help as early as age two. Go see Oobi now!

2Alphabet Soup

In this online game from Sesame Street, your preschooler can help Cookie Monster spell words in his soup. A word is shown in the soup with a missing letter; the child then clicks on one of three choices to fill in the blank. Check out Alphabet Soup at Sesame Street here.

3Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

If your kids love Dora the Explorer, they’ll really enjoy helping her save the crystal kingdom. In the game at, the king has hidden the colorful crystals and now the kingdom is losing its color. There are several sections to this game, some featuring number skills and others letters. In the butterfly cave, kids practice making words with butterfly cocoons to reveal the crystals. This game is ideal for children ages 3-6. See Dora & the Crystal Kingdom now.

4Find everything that starts with __

This is a simple game that you can play with kids while traveling or at home. You simply choose a letter and ask your child to name everything they see (or can find) that starts with that particular letter. This learning game inspires creativity, as well as helps to teach your children about letters and sounds.

5Alphabet printables

Many online websites have printable sheets that you can print on your home computer to help your child learn to write their ABCs. Don’t expect your preschoolers’ handwriting to be perfect — letter recognition and the ability to hold the pencil correctly are more important at this age than penmanship.

Alphabet & letter printouts >>

During the first few years of your child’s life, you can create the foundation for their educational future. Instead of letting your kids veg out in front of the TV all day, help them with various learning games to teach them the alphabet, letter recognition, phonics and the basics of reading. By starting early, your child has a better chance to excel once they actually start school. In addition to learning, the time you spend with your children playing games will promote bonding and family unity as well.

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