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Fun counting games

Before your child can add and subtract, they need to count. Start at a young age and teach your child about numbers with fun, interesting counting games.

Little girl counting apples

Make learning fun for your little ones with these counting games.

1Making pairs in the kitchen

When your child is first learning how to count, the concept can be difficult to understand without some visual reference beyond their fingers. Head to the kitchen and ask him/her to give you two apples, three crackers and so on. This is a fun game for very young kids to begin learning about the concept of numbers.

2Crocodile Lake

At, you can find many fun number games associated with your Nickleodeon characters. One of our favorites is Crocodile Lake. In this game, kids help Dora and Boots cross Crocodile Lake by finding and clicking on five turtles. Encourage your child to count out loud as he finds and clicks on each turtle.

3Counting cars

Teach your child to count by incorporating simple games into their everyday activities. For example, when you are driving, ask your child to count all the red cars they see on the road. This easy counting game will help them with their numbers, as well as their colors. When you are at home, you can ask them to count everything from socks to blocks.

4Counting with Elmo offers a variety of fun learning games for your young children. Kids love Counting with Elmo. It’s a terrific online game for toddlers who are just learning to count.

5Fishy Count is another website that offers fun, educational games for kids. Fishy Count is a 10 question game where children count the fish shown on the screen and then click the shell with the correct number. Have your child count aloud before selecting their answer.

6Addition at home

Before your child heads off to school, teach them the basics of addition and subtraction at home. Hand them three balls and announce, “You have three balls.” Then give them one more, noting that they now have four. Continue giving them more balls (or other toys) up to 10. Then take one ball away and ask, “Now how many do you have?” and so on.

With counting and numbers games, repetition and consistency are the keys. Take time out to play with your children each and every day, using a variety of types of games, both online and offline. By utilizing different fun games, your children won’t get bored and will remain interested in learning. Start counting games early to build a foundation for their future with math.

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