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Parental Discretion: Parenting humor by Minsun Park

Ah, parenthood, and all of its emotions. Things like love, joy, and then guilt, worry, and that sickening fear in the pit of your stomach that you’re doing it all wrong, and your child is going to end up like a cross between Dennis the Menace and one of those ’70s sitcom kids who ended up on the wrong side of the law. Minsun Park knows that no parent is perfect… and she proves it here in her column, Parental Discretion!

Parental Discretion by Minsun Park

Parental Discretion columns

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Pregnancy, week by week

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  • About Minsun – Introduction
  • Week 13: Olympic freestyle vomiting!
  • Week 14: Dumbness induced by pregnancy syndrome
  • Week 15: Pregnant celebrities
  • Week 16 – It’s alive!
  • Week 17: The pregnancy police
  • Week 18: On turning into my mother
  • Week 19: Almost half-baked
  • Week 20: The ultimate blood sport
  • Week 21: Parental nookie
  • Week 22: A gender identification break
  • Week 23: Meet Ms Jekyll and Hyde
  • Week 24: Name that baby!
  • Week 25: The Chia Pet chronicles
  • Week 26: The black hole
  • Week 27: Retardo Montalban
  • Week 28: The dry run
  • Week 29: The underbelly
  • Week 30: Turning 30 on week 30
  • Week 31: The ultimate “Get out of jail free” card
  • Week 32: The pregnancy etiquette guide
  • Week 33: Curing showerphobia
  • Week 34: Baby’s booty
  • Week 35: The role of a lifetime
  • Week 36: Packing my bags
  • Week 37: Minsun’s law
  • Week 38: In search of my maternal instinct
  • Week 39: Pregnancy stalkers
  • Week 40: Love’s labor’s lost
  • Birth story: Jonah – Big baby

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