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Baby basics: What is a Boppy?

What is a Boppy? Described as everything from a nursing pillow to a baby seat to a “puffy horseshoe,” the Boppy is considered by many mothers to be indispensable baby gear. Read on to find out why — in the words of real moms.

Baby basics - Boppy

WHAT is a boppy?

The Boppy is marketed as a pillow to help position a baby when breastfeeding, but is also used to prop up baby for spoon feeding, for playtime, and even for napping.

Boppy pillows

What moms had to say

Some of the mamas on our message boards offered this advice about the Boppy:

QuotesI loved the Boppy… but not for breastfeeding! I used it to prop Sylvie to sitting position or for support during tummy time. I’m a bigger girl, too, and the Boppy never fit around me and it was too soft to offer the support a breastfeeding baby needs. – JennySoMany

QuotesI just loved the Boppy Pillow. When I received it as a shower gift for my last baby in 2006, I thought I would never use it. But I used it for nursing, for baby sleeping, for tummy play and many other things. I got full use out of the Boppy pillow. I would recommend a new mother to go out a get this it will make your life with a new baby wonderful. – Mamato5boys&1girl

QuotesIs a boppy nessasary? I would say, in my opinion, yes. Boppy is great for so many things, from nursing to having something nice and cozy to set baby on for a while, the babies love it and so will you! After getting and using it you will swear by it. – April

QuotesBoppys are not mandatory, but they certainly do make life easier. You can always use a regular pillow or an armchair or whatever and shift it as necessary, but the Boppy almost never needs to be shifted on you or anyone else, and if your belly still protrudes a lot like mine did shortly after birth, you can even get up and walk around without holding it up. – Drew’sgirl

QuotesI loved my Boppy. I am a bottle feeder, but it makes a nice, comfy little nest to put the baby in, and Jack still loves to lay down on his Boppy at 2, so its definitely worth it, IMO. – Sprinkles

QuotesAbsolutely necessary! I used mine for nursing the first nine months, and now I stil use it when feeding DS a bottle. It’s the most comfortable thing… and, as mentioned above, you can prop the little guy in there when they’re young. It’s like a little bean bag for babies! I love them. – wemakeboys

QuotesI love, love, love my Boppy pillow. It’s made feeding a lot easier for me, especially when NAK (nursing at the keyboard). – Berlin

Alternatives to the Boppy

The My Brest Friend nursing pillow is a popular alternative — plus a lot of moms use regular bed pillows… or just their own arms.

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