Megyn Kelly lists 5 awful pregnancy comments

Megyn Kelly’s baby girl Yardley Evans is only one day old, but the Fox News anchor has a message for anyone within hearing distance of a pregnant woman. Check out her list of the top five things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

Megyn Kelly

The following is a public service announcement, courtesy of Megyn Kelly, shared in hopes that mandatory worldwide sensitivity training toward pregnant women can be avoided. If you are (or ever have been) a pregnant woman, please put your feet up, relax and have a good chuckle over Megyn Kelly’s list.

Drum roll, please…


don’t say you’re fat

“Don’t tell us how fat or out of shape you feel. We’re packing at least 25 extra pounds as we deal with nausea, back pain, swelling and a host of other unmentionables… and frankly, we just don’t want to hear it.”

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Don’t guess the gender

“Don’t tell us ‘it looks like we’re having a girl.’ We all know what that means — they say ‘girls steal your beauty.’ Well, they don’t steal your hearing!”

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Don’t joke… ever

“Don’t ‘kid’ us about our condition. ‘Wide load coming through!’ is not funny. ‘Waddle on out of here’ does not amuse. Ellen DeGeneres has a good rule on kidding: If we’re not both laughing, you’re doing it wrong.”

2No guessing

Don’t guess the due date. “Is that a Christmas baby?” Ummm, no — April. “You sure? It looks like New Year’s at the latest.” Please stop talking.

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1Never talk about our bodies

And the number one rule in dealing with a pregnant woman… Don’t comment on our bodies. Ever. Really. But especially when we’re pregnant. What is it about a baby bump that makes people feel it’s okay to say things like “God! You are big!!!”?

>> “Don’t touch my belly!”

She’s not alone

I can, regrettably, relate to each and every one of the points listed. Congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Yardley, and best wishes that the early newborn days go smoothly.

If you could add a sixth item to Megyn Kelly’s list of things never to say to a pregnant woman, what would it be?

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