Leslie Mann chats Rio and motherhood in Hollywood

Apr 14, 2011 at 12:58 a.m. ET

Being an actress in Hollywood is a family affair for Leslie Mann, who voices the part of Linda in the upcoming animated movie Rio. The hilarious and wonderful mother of two has starred in blockbusters such as Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin, and opens up about everything from working with her kids on-set, her director husband Judd Apatow and even her secret to preventing stretch marks!

Leslie Mann and family at Rio premiere

SheKnows sat down to chat with Leslie Mann in a roundtable setting shortly after the red carpet (or actually, blue carpet!) Los Angeles premiere of her new animated movie Rio.

Mann looked amazing in her white lace Dolce & Gabbana dress and was relaxed and comfortable as she sipped a glass of wine and talked about her new movie, as well as being a mom to 13-year-old Maude and 8-year-old Iris. Her kids have actually acted with her on the movies Knocked Up and Funny People – both movies that her husband Judd Apatow directed.

In the G-rated movie Rio, Mann voices the part of Linda, a small town gal who loves her pet Macaw, named Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) more than anything. Adventure and mayhem follows when they go to Rio to find Blu's female partner, Jewel (Anne Hathaway). This terrific film has heartwarming characters and infectious music that the entire family will absolutely love!

Interview with Leslie Mann

You and your husband both are so funny, and I'm curious to know, do your kids have any clue how funny you are, or are they just like, "you're so embarrassing, mom?"

Leslie Mann: You know what? Fortunately they don't do that yet. My 13 year old isn't embarrassed yet.

Do you get excited when you get to work on movies like Rio since you know you'll be able to take your girls to see?

Leslie Mann: Yes, definitely, it is, because they can't see the other films I've been in.

How do you feel about your children becoming actors?

Leslie Mann: Well, I at first I say no. But of course they can do what they want.We are about to do another movie together, all of us, in June. And the 13 year old is now a little more outspoken. It's weird & new. She has no problem freaking out in the middle of a restaurant or wherever, crowded restaurant, screaming and crying. But then, she's so sweet the next second. Like, she'll turn around and be so loving. It's the hormones.

How do you keep them grounded growing up in Hollywood,  with all the events, the movie sets?

Leslie Mann: I think they are used to it and they really have a very normal life. They just see this as our job.

Leslie Mann's character in Rio

Can you tell us a little bit about the film, as in how it worked with the filming? Were you by yourself or did you run lines with other cast members?

Leslie Mann: Well, what I do is, I go into a room with Carlos, the director, who's a sweetheart and just read lines with him throughout the process. A long process! Over and over and over again. Each session would be for about four hours, and we would read the same lines numerous time.

And then, toward the end, we would read against the picture after everything was animated. And that was the really fun part. So, it's funny because in the beginning, I'm thinking-- "I'm going to work, I'll try to look nice," and then after the first few sessions, I was showing up in sweats and Ugg boots. It was definitely an easy, fun job.

How far do you go in terms of details to prepare your character, for example, Linda is from Minnesota, so what else did they tell you about her?

Leslie Mann:  I researched a little bit in the beginning about the Minnesota accent however, I'm terrible with accents. I "tried" to do it right in the beginning. And the team said, um, no don't do that, just do your regular accent.

Rio cast at LA premiere

Do you guys have pets, or after seeing this movie, did your kids want to get a bird?

Leslie Mann: Oh yeah, we've had birds, about four of them through the years. We also have a bunny, Coco. And we have two dogs, Curly and Cookie.

Do you have any parenting items that you can't live without?

Leslie Mann: Omega vitamins, Omega Cure. Palmers coco butter, I put it all over my stomach while I was pregnant, and then my butt and my thighs got stretch marks! So, now my stomach looks great, and then my butt and thighs are shot. But, that works!

The new animated movie Rio, starring Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Will.I.am and Leslie Mann, opens in theaters this Friday,  April 15th.

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