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5 Stress-less dinner time tips

In today’s busy world getting dinner on the table can often be stressful, these tips will help to make dinner time less stressful and a time you enjoy spending with your family.

Woman making sandwiches for dinner


Sandwiches are a quick dinner the kids will love that you can load with all the necessary food groups. Grab some spinach and a rotisserie chicken from the store and throw on whole grain bread with a little mayo for a quick sandwich. Put a small spin on the classic PB&J by using natural nut butter, all fruit preserves, and a whole grain bread.

2Pre cut the ingredients

When you are putting away your food stop and take a few minutes to wash and cut up the fruit and veggies you will be cooking with that week and store in air tight containers. When it comes time to make dinner that’s one less step you will have to worry about.

3Invest in a crok pot

If you don’t have one already invest in a slow cooker, you can drop your meat and veggies with a sauce before you head out the door in the morning and will come home to a perfectly cooked meal.

4Wash as you cook

As you are preparing dinner wash the dishes as you dirty them so that when dinner is ready the only dishes left to clean are the ones from which you are eating.


Remove clutter and reorganize

Remove all the clutter from your kitchen and reorganize it so that the utensils and tools you frequently use to cook are close together and central to the area where you do most of your cooking. This will cut down on all the time you spend looking for things as you are trying to get dinner on the table.

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