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Organizing & cleaning out your diaper bag

Between musical munchkins class and baby gym, your little one is always on the go; which means there’s a good chance that the contents of your diaper bag need some serious attention. Here’s a this checklist to “spring clean” your diaper bag any time of year.

Diaper bags

Do a diaper check

  • Verify diaper sizes and replace outgrown diapers
  • Refresh worn out wipes and restock low reserves
  • Ensure you have enough diaper rash cream and applicators
  • Clean your changing pad with disinfectant wipes

Examine mealtime supplies

  • EcoTensil founder and mom Peggy Cross suggests her foldable, ultra-green, compostable spoons for the diaper bag. They compost quickly, are recyclable, use less material, and are made from renewable FSC certified sources. These compact spoons take up less space in your diaper bag as well as the landfills.
  • Replenish bibs and plastic placemats
  • Inspect your diaper bag supply of baby food, snacks, and formula for expiration dates

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Exchange a change of clothes

  • Check sizes of extra outfits in your diaper bag
  • Update seasonal styles for warmer weather
  • Switch warm hats with a sun hat
  • Sunglasses — for you, and for your little one, if he or she will wear them

Restock nursing essentials

  • Restock nursing pads
  • Wash nursing covers and burp cloths
  • Remove nursing gear if your little one has moved on from nursing
  • Replace bottled water and check for clean bottles
Diaper bags shown above:

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag

Kalencom Eco-Friendly Ozz Iridescent New Flap Bag

Ju Ju Be Be All Diaper Bag

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Assess your baby gear

  • Ditch binkies or teething rings your tot may no longer need
  • Change up toys for the stage your kiddo is currently mastering
  • Prepare for spring sniffles and add in, “saline wipes, because my kids noses run and run and run!” Eileen Z. of Wolter, Summit, New Jersey
  • A must have for diaper bags this spring is… sunscreen and bug spray,” says Stephanie Lee, founder of Bebe EcoPosh
  • Refill disinfecting wipes, and spray for killing spring germs on high chairs, strollers, and shopping carts on-the-go

Swap out your diaper bag

  • Examine your diaper bag for wear and tear for repairs or replacement
  • Evaluate your baby’s current needs, and opt for a diaper bag with less muss and fuss, if possible
  • Consider exchanging your winter diaper bag for a bright, lightweight diaper bag, or a fresh, modern diaper bag for spring

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Spring cleaning your diaper bag every season can be a sanity saver, especially when taking your little one out and about can be hectic enough as it is. So, set aside 30 minutes each time the season changes to clean out your diaper bag and you may just find that your on-the-go routine becomes a little simpler — even if your youngster gets more difficult!

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