Kid-friendly gardening projects

There’s nothing better than fresh air and dirt to help create childhood memories.Why not get outside for some kid-friendly gardening projects? These easy projects will engage rookie and experienced gardeners alike, and inspire everyone to get outside and get their hands dirty for a purpose.

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Gardening spans the generations when it comes to healthy outdoor hobbies. Try these kid-friendly projects to get your kids outside…without complaining.

Grow a taco garden

Most kids love tacos and most taco ingredients can be grown in the garden. Growums is a company dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits with kid-friendly gardening and fun, colorful characters. Hal E. Peno is featured on their taco garden package, which includes seeds to grow Jalapeno peppers, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cilantro. You and your kids will be eating “home-grown” tacos in no time.

Start a terrarium

The best way to teach your kids about the practicality and enjoyment of gardening is to show them how it’s done. But sometimes, an adult-sized garden can be overwhelming for them. If that’s the case, terrariums are ideal for pint-sized gardeners. Miracle-Gro Kids growing kits for kids help ease children into the gardening world by giving them a project they can handle — and show all their friends.

In the zone

If you’ve tried gardening at all, you know the importance of choosing the right plants for your climate. Rather than do it yourself, ask your kids to help. “TurfMutt allows your kids to search for your climate zone, and then determine which plants are right for that zone,” says Kris Kiser, Executive Vice President, OPEI. After a trip to the garden center, you and your kids will be ready to dig in and start planting.

Plant pizza

After your family has finished that pizza, don’t throw away the box! Instead, use it to start a garden. “Poke about five to ten drainage holes in the bottom of the box, fill the box with a garden soil, moisten soil and plant the seeds in the box,” suggests Michael C. Podlesny, owner of Mike the Gardener Enterprises in New Jersey. “Place the box somewhere that receives sunlight first thing in the morning. When the plants are two to three inches tall, plant the entire box in the garden.” You can do the same thing with egg cartons.

More than anything, gardening with your kids is about spending thoughtful, productive time with your family. Whether you chat while planting seeds and pulling weeds or simply focus together on the task at hand, you’re growing memories every moment.


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