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Easter baby boy names

From names that pay tribute to the Easter holiday, to names with Easter meanings and spring-inspired names, we have compiled ideas to help find an egg-ceptional baby name!

Easter baby boy

Whether you are expecting a baby boy around the Easter holiday or just love the spring season, check out our picks of Easter-inspired boy names.

The perfect name for your Easter baby is Pascal. This French name means “born on Easter.” Other variations of this name include Pascual, Pasquale and Pascoe.

Baby boy names with Easter meanings

  • Attwell: English name meaning “lives by the spring”
  • Aviv: Hebrew name meaning “spring”
  • Atherton: English name meaning “from the town by a spring”
  • Bradwell: English name meaning “from the broad spring”
  • Caldwell: English name meaning “from the cold spring”
  • Hare: English name meaning rabbit
  • Kelby: Place by the fountain or spring
  • Leveret: French name meaning “young rabbit”
  • Wells: English name meaning “lives by the spring”

Spring-inspired names

Another fun way to transfuse the Easter spirit into your son’s name is to be inspired by the wonderful spring season — including changes in nature, the flowers, sights and sounds. After Nicole Richie named her baby boy Sparrow, bird names became a cool new baby name trend. Check out our pick of these cool (and masculine!) boy names after birds

You can also be inspired by the spring horoscope with the names Aries and Taurus.The name March is a Welsh name that means “Legendary son of Meirchywn,” and would make a great first or middle name for your Easter baby.

Cute nicknames

Although you probably do not want to use these as first names, the names Bunny, Hoppy and Bugs (after Bugs Bunny) can make cute nicknames for your Easter baby. Not feeling it? Here are more traditional Easter baby names for those who want to pay tribute to the spiritual meaning of Easter.

Traditional Easter names

Lastly, the name Easter may be an obvious, yet unique and cool choice for your baby boy. Easter is a boy’s name of English origin that means “From the name of the Christian festival, which is based on Eostre, the name of a Germanic spring goddess.”

Names similar to Easter include Alaster, Baxter and Buster.

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