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Surfer Girl Names for Your Beach-Loving Babe

Female surfers are strong as hell. Just look at Bethany Hamilton, who didn’t let losing her left arm in a shark attack at the age of 13 stop her from continuing to compete in professional surfing. Just two years ago, Hamilton beat some of the world’s best surfers in Fiji at the World Surf League’s Fiji Women’s Pro. She (like all female surfers, really) is resilient, tough and tenacious — all things you’d want your own daughter-to-be.

So why not name your baby girl after a famous female surfer?

And for all you moms out there who are surfers yourselves and plan to teach your daughters your seaworthy ways, a beach-inspired baby name might just be the perfect fit.

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Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite names — from those of famous female surfers to just plain ocean-inspired and lovely.

Top female surfers

From retired professionals to young women currently making a name for themselves in the surfing world, we have plenty of pro female surfers to choose from. Some of them have last names that would make for a cool, trendy and untraditional baby girl name too.

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Beach-inspired names

What’s not to love about the beach?

  • Ocean
  • Oceana
  • Sandy
  • Shelly
  • Ray
  • Bree
  • Summer
  • Blue
  • Azul: Spanish word for “blue”
  • Naranja: Spanish word for “orange” — the fruit or the color
  • Rosado: Spanish word for “pink”
  • Coral
  • Wave
  • Bells (after Bells Beach in Australia)
  • Bondi (after Bondi Beach in Australia)
  • Malibu (after Malibu Beach)
  • Maui (Hawaiian island popular with surfers)
  • Hanalei (after Hanalei Bay in Kauai)

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Names that mean “water”

A less-obvious approach to giving your baby girl a beach- or surfing-inspired name is to choose one with “water” in the meaning — like the names below.

  • Kailani: Hawaiian name meaning “sea and sky”
  • Coventina: Celtic name meaning “water goddess”
  • Dalis: Hebrew name meaning “drawing water”
  • Moselle: Hebrew name meaning “from the water”
  • Nixie: German name meaning “little water sprite”
  • Talulah: Native American name meaning “Leaping water”
  • Atlantis: Greek name after the legendary island that sank to the bottom of the ocean
  • Nami: Japanese name meaning “wave”
  • Genevieve: Celtic name meaning “white wave”
  • Brenna: Gaelic name meaning “little drop of water”
  • Marina: Latin name meaning “from the sea”
  • Nixie: Greek name meaning “water sprite”

Is the water calling your name yet?

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