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6 Fun Wii games for family night

We love the Wii, what can we say? The physical game approach is super fun for families and it’s a great way for stodgy old parents to connect with the gaming generation. Here are our top picks for Wii family games.

Enjoy quality time with your family by enjoying any of these six Wii games for your family night:

Family game night1Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo’s icon, Super Mario, travels through galaxies that range from candy-themed planets to giant wooden sliding puzzles that float in the sky. No two levels are the same and the mustached plumber Mario can turn into a rolling rock to flatten enemies or become a bee to gain the ability to float. It may be a little difficult for younger children, but a helpful princess shows up to offer hints and demonstrations when players run into trouble.

Family game night2Wii Party

There are over 13 unique ways to play this collection that include family play through the House Party, Party Games for up to four people, Pair Games for buddies and 80 mini games. Each game takes between 10 minutes to an hour to play. While skill plays a role, the games are random enough that young children can compete on the same level as teenagers or parents.

Family game night3Guilty Party

This clever Clue in 3D family game has high production quality and characters that appeal to players of all ages. In the game, players move from room to room collecting evidence, interrogating suspects and uncovering clues by completing various mini-games. There are more than 50 challenges randomly generated for each instance, so it’s doubtful your family would get bored with them too quickly.

Family game night4Wii sports

Wii Sports is a collection of five sports where players use the Wii Remote to simulate actions performed in real life sports, such as swinging a tennis racket. The rules for each game are simplified in order to make them more appealing to new players. All of the games have a multi-player mode, and they promote healthy competition in the family. Each family member can also create their own avatar, or Mii, to play with and express their individual personalities.

Family game night5Wii play

Wii Play is a collection of nine quick and easy-to-play games, perfect for small children or people who don’t usually play video games. With the easy to use controls of the Wii Remote, even the most inexperienced gamers will have no trouble mastering air hockey, table tennis or Mii match. Every game features a multi-player mode, so you and your family can compete for good old fashioned fun.

Family game night6Boom Blox Bash Party

Consider the Boom Blox sequel a simple concept on steroids. Young ones will get a thrill by hurling balls and knocking over Jenga-like blocks that their parents or siblings may have built. There are upwards of 400 levels complete with a variety of themes and control styles, all interesting and challenging in their own right. The bright, vivid colors of the game and its simple strategy make it one that any member of your family can enjoy.

Family night is important to strengthen the bond between the members of the household. Make it the type of fun that everyone can relate to by choosing any of these family-friendly Nintendo Wii games.

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