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Quick and healthy breakfast fruit recipes

Got fruit? Add fruit to your breakfast routine for a valuable source of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Take a look at these quick and healthy breakfast fruit recipes from nutrition pros.

French toast with berries


Berry chia shake

Nutritionist and founder of Decision Nutrition, Keren Gilbert, MS RD, suggests this quick and healthy breakfast recipe, which includes two servings of fruit, offering plenty of fiber and antioxidants. “Plus, the chia seeds add a boost of essential fatty acids,” she said.

Ingredients: 1 cup of any berries (your choice), 1 cup almond milk, 1 tablespoon chia seeds and natural sweetener stevia to sweeten (if desired). Directions: Blend and enjoy!

2Pita with peanut butter and banana

For a quick (and fruity) breakfast, Gilbert recommends serving a high-fiber pita with natural peanut butter and a sliced banana. “This is a quick breakfast with the right ratio of carbs and protein, plus peanut butter, which contains choline.”

3Apple yogurt parfait

Talk about a fruity treat! “Use unsweetened Greek yogurt (like 0% Fage) topped with chopped apples and cinnamon,” Gilbert suggested. “This meal provides you with protein, calcium, fiber and antioxidants. The cinnamon is a blood sugar stabilizer. Remember, eating a whole chopped raw apple is much better than drinking apple juice. The fiber in the apple will slow down the absorption of the natural sugars. This is a terrific way to start your day.”

4Oatmeal with fruit and syrup

Jennifer Crain, licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and holistic pediatrics specialist, suggests oatmeal paired with your favorite fruit for a healthy breakfast option. “Use milk or almond milk to cook the oatmeal for protein. Stir in your favorite fruit or a bit of dried fruit, then sweeten with a bit of real maple syrup,” she said.

5Broiled grapefruit topped with berries

According to Gilbert, this breakfast is an antioxidant powerhouse. “Cut the grapefruit in half and top with one tablespoon honey and a dash of cinnamon. Place in broiler for 10 minutes, then top with your favorite berries.”

For added calcium and protein, Gilbert recommends topping with half a cup low-fat cottage cheese.

6French toast with fruit

Treat your family to a traditional breakfast favorite with a healthy twist. Crain recommends preparing your French toast with whole wheat bread dipped in beaten eggs (with a little milk, or rice milk, if your child’s allergic), and serving it with fresh fruit. “This combines the protein of the eggs with the complex carbohydrates of the bread,” she said.

7Fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothies are a quick and healthy breakfast idea the whole family will enjoy. Crain suggests combining yogurt, fruit, nut butter and blueberries. If you or your child are allergic to dairy, substitute for dairy-free yogurt, or hemp protein and rice or almond milk.

8Breakfast apple pie

Who doesn’t like breakfast for dessert? Celebrity dietician Ashley Koff, RD, shares this scrumptious (and healthy!) breakfast fruit recipe. “Combine baked apple slices, cinnamon and chopped nuts, then top them with organic Greek yogurt (plain) with a drizzle of honey. Koff suggests planning ahead by making six baked apples over the weekend for easy assembly during the week.

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