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Keeping baby-making sex fun

When you are trying to conceive, sex with a purpose can be a lot of fun at first. If his sperm doesn’t meet your egg the first few months, this procreative sex can start to feel more like a chore than the life-creating act you’d like it to be. When you’re in your fertile window and want to get pregnant, sex is the most important thing on your mind, but how can you keep it fresh? Read on to learn how!


Sex is an important part of a relationship, but when sex becomes purposeful and more about the end result than the act itself, it can lose its excitement. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of sex on demand — it can become obsessive for you and your partner may resent it. Check out our tips to keep sex exciting and fun while still keeping your goal in mind!

1Don’t have sex on schedule

When you are fertile (with egg white cervical fluid and a high, soft open cervix) getting busy is usually tops in your mind. The problem arises, especially from his standpoint, when you don’t give him (or sex!) the time of day during the rest of the month. Don’t make a schedule, but do be aware that requesting sex only during a particular three-day period each month may make him feel like a sperm factory. Keep romancing your partner before — and after — ovulation.

2Keep it fresh

Talk about it!

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If you do it in the same place in the same position every time, it’s quite possible the act will become boring. Try keeping it fresh in the bedroom by moving it out of the bedroom — your movie-watching futon may be the perfect love nest with the right lighting! Try sexing him in the morning or afternoon instead of only at night. Or change up your position. The right one may make sex a lot of fun again!

3Ensure plenty of time alone

Go out of your way to plan date nights or alone time. Hanging out and watching a movie is good, a romantic dinner at home or away is better. If you have older children, arrange for a sitter once or twice a month. If you have the spare funds, renting a hotel room and going on a day trip is sure to spark some romance. If you keep your relationship front and center, it will help you remember why you got together in the first place!

4Focus on the now

It can be so hard to relax when you feel you must get sex in during a very short period of time. Our advice — take it slow, do things you both enjoy and let sex take its natural course instead of being the only focus of your time together.

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