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How to make popular boy names unique

If you are searching for a new twist on traditional boy names, you will love our ideas on how to make popular boy names unique. From switching up the origins to adding or subtracting a letter, find the perfect unique baby boy name that is sure to stand out in a crowd.

baby boy in basket

We took some of the top baby boy names from the Social Security Administration and turned them into completely different and unique names.


The name Jacob was the number one most popular baby name on the most recently released list from the Social Security Administration. If you are looking for something more unique, see if any of these names catch your eye:


The name Ethan was the second most popular baby name in the United States. Check out these names for a different twist:


The name Michael was the third most popular boy name. Here are some different options to consider:


The name Alexander was the fourth most popular boy name. Consider these options for a more unique name with a similar sound:


The name William rounds out the top five most popular baby names. Check out these unique versions of this traditional name:

Tips on making a name more unique

If you have a traditional name you would like to make more unique, type the name in our Advanced Baby Name Search and see what similar names appear.

If you like names of a particular origin, such as Irish, Italian or French, you can search for names by origin. If you are looking for a name that starts with a certain letter, you can also narrow down your baby name search in this way.

Look at the different parts of the baby name to see how you can break it up and make it more unique. For instance, the name Jayden can be made more unique by swapping letters (Payden, Jaydon, Hayden) or finding names with the same ending sound (Boyden or Aidan).

More baby name ideas:

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