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5 Spring outdoor family activities

Spring has sprung and the warm weather is begging for your brood to head outdoors for some family fun. Looking for kids activities that celebrate spring? From outdoor games to spring challenges, discover five spring outdoor family activities that will get your family moving.

Family playing ball

Engaging in kids activities with your family not only keeps you healthy, but offers major bonding time with your brood. “In our private lives important things are often overlooked, like time spent with our children,” says Bill Utesch, Ph.D., professor emeritus from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) School of Education. “The very foundation of parenting is built upon relationship. Quality time that is consistent and scheduled ensures predictability and a listening ear.” So, before another spring weekend blows by, head outside with these ideas for outdoor family activities.

1Sidewalk chalk

Encourage your kiddos to get in touch with their inner Picasso and make the pavement their canvas. Whether outlining shadows or creating a self portrait, sidewalk chalk is fun for kids of any age. Be sure to snap a few pics of the masterpieces with your camera before spring showers wash it away!

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2Tag and chase

Stretch your legs and get your youngsters to burn off some energy from being cooped up all winter with a family game of tag or chase. Engage in a friendly round “Pizza Tag” where the “it” person (or Chef) calls out a pizza topping each time a person is tagged. The tagged person then has to call out his own topping as well as all the toppings called out before him. The first person to make a mistake is the new Chef!


Tired of telling your family not to throw balls in the house? Then join in on the outdoor fun with a game of catch, toss or kick the ball. Try setting up a game of air golf, tossing medium-sized balls through hanging wire hangers. Bend hangers in a circle and hang from trees and other outdoor objects. Like golf, the player with the lowest score wins. Hit the bell hanging in the center of the circle and you get to remove a point from your total score.

4Relays and races

Whether you’re in on the action or cheering from the sidelines, kids’ activities that involve running, hopping and jumping will get your heart pumping and your adrenaline rushing the way that only outdoor games can. Set up a good old fashioned potato sack race, using sacks, laundry bags or large pillow cases. One player at a time, each team puts both feet into the sack to hop around a designated marker and back to tag the next person on their team. The first team to have every player complete the race wins!

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5Outdoor spring rainy day activities

When spring showers strike, don your family in their rain gear and head outdoors for some rainy day outdoor activities. Challenge your offspring to see who can splash around the yard the fastest, only allowing them to advance by pouncing in puddles. Or, for guaranteed fun for kids, get down and dirty and help your tykes create some mud pies.

Now that you have ideas for kids’ activities that get the whole family involved, schedule some family time, grab a light jacket and head outside for some spring outdoor family activities!

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