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Meet Kit of Blogging Dangerously

Kit is an anonymous blogger who writes the hilarious and sometimes shocking Blogging Dangerously, where vibrators are as likely a topic of conversation as funny parenting moments. If you haven’t met Kit already, be sure to visit her Friday night Twitter #wineparty. Read on for more fun tidbits about the blogosphere’s favorite anonymous blogger.

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Kit Blogging DangerouslyOn your blog you mention that you started Blogging Dangerously because you had things you wanted to talk about that you didn’t want your boss, family or other people in your real life to read. Do you feel like “Kit” is an accurate portrayal of you? Or does she have sides to her that are different from the real you?

Kit is about 75% me. She is funny and upbeat and sexual — which I like to think is me. But she never has bad days or gets stressed out — which I wish was more me.

When did you realize that Blogging Dangerously was taking on a life of its own? What is it like being the author of a hugely popular anonymous blog?

I realized that Blogging Dangerously was taking on a life of its own when I got more page views and more comments in the first two months than I’d gotten in five years on my “real blog!” Having people read my blog is FANTASTIC! I love knowing that I’m making people laugh and knowing that I’m giving people hope that their marriage can be sexy after children makes it so much fun! Blogging anonymously is hard! I can’t tell anyone I love about being nominated for the Bloggies and when people ask me “Why haven’t you blogged lately?” I don’t know what to say!

How do you manage to keep your anonymous blog a secret from people in your real life? Does your mom or any of your close girlfriends know about it?

Tidbits about Kit

Are you kidding? NO! My mom does not know about my blog — neither does my sister, my brother or any of my mom club friends! I have two friends that know about it — one because I posted the same story on both blogs and she called me out (LAST time I did that!) and the other because she is an aspiring writer who has always supported me and I wanted to share my blog nomination news with her. They are both non-judgmental and SWORN to secrecy!

Blogging is such an incredibly time-consuming activity. How much time do you spend blogging (including time spent on emails, comments, reading other blogs and interacting on Twitter or other social media sites)?

I definitely treat blogging like a part time job. I would guess that I spend three to four hours per day blogging (including time spent on Twitter, reading comments, etc.).

You’ve shared some excellent tips for finding a balance in your Tough Love article on learning to say “no.” Any other suggestions for mom bloggers out there who are trying to find a balance between family life and blogging?

I blog after my kids go to bed so that I don’t feel like blogging is taking me away from them. Instead I plan activities with them that I can blog about later. That way I’m spending time with them and working on blogging at the same time — and I don’t have to feel like I’m neglecting one for the other.

Your husband is a stay at home dad. Has it been that way since the kids were tiny? Are you ever jealous of him? Is he ever jealous of you? (I ask this because when my kids were very little, sometimes I was jealous of the fact that my husband got to enjoy a drive to and from work each day without anyone talking to him, touching him, demanding to play with him, sucking on him, etc.)

My husband quit his job when my son was two months old because I couldn’t watch him and work at the same time and my job was more lucrative and more flexible. I am often jealous of the time he spends with the kids — but would probably go nuts staying home all the time. He is rarely jealous of the fact that I have to work. One of the reasons that our arrangement works so well is that I am very goal oriented and need the affirmation of a paycheck and an annual review and he is much happier without the stress of daily milestones. We both DREAM of having free time yet we rarely choose to take a Saturday to ourselves and go do something alone.

How does your husband feel about your blog? Does he get jealous and think you are having relationships with internet stalkers?

My husband really enjoys my blog. He is not the least bit concerned about internet stalkers. Nor should he be!

You and your hubs seem to have a pretty awesome sex life. Have you ever gotten caught by your kids while getting frisky?

We’ve never been caught in the act but there have been numerous near misses.

So tell me a little more about Emerald and Carmen, your lesbian lovers.

The first vibrator my husband and I bought together was named Mr. Chin because he was made in China. My husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) and I had a fight and he cut the cord that attached the controller to the egg. I came home and found it and realized how angry he was. I apologized and we made up and got a new Mr. Chin. He eventually died of natural causes. I replaced him with a pale green latex egg that was very soft — so soft, I told my husband, that I was pretty sure she was female. I named her Emerald. She too died of natural causes. I think the wires broke in the strand that connected her controller to the egg. I swore not to get another vibrator with a cord. The smallest, cordless bullet shaped vibrator I could get was faux-metal. Since she looked metallic I named her Carmen Electra. She is cordless AND she takes regular AAA batteries which we use up with astonishing regularity.

I’ve heard you’ve been to Twitter Jail. What was your crime?

The first time I went to Twitter Jail was during #wineparty. I had no idea what had happened but I suddenly couldn’t tweet any more — during my own party! Luckily I could still DM. I got the word out that I had tweeted too much and was jailed. I also mentioned it to my husband. He seized the opportunity to offer me a full body search and the Twitter Jail legend was born.

What is your favorite thing about blogging? Your least favorite?

My favorite thing about blogging is all of the wonderful people I’ve met. My least favorite thing is that since I’ve made a commitment to blog every weekday, I have to blog every night — even when I don’t necessarily feel like it. Which reminds me that I should be going…

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