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62 Romantic Baby Girl Names

Who doesn’t love love? And when your baby comes into the world, it can feel like the word takes on a whole new, deeper meaning. The second you lay eyes on her, your first priority becomes showing your new bundle of joy all the love you can muster. One way to do that? By giving her a lovely and romantic name.

From romantic destinations and regal flowers to names that quite literally mean “love,” here are 62 of our favorite baby names that the Romantic poets would have loved.

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Girl names based on romantic destinations

Why not name your daughter after a favorite place, whether it’s where you grew up or a honeymoon destination? For example, back in 2010, Amy Adams named her daughter Aviana, inspired by her birthplace of Aviano, Italy.

Here are some ideas for girl names after romantic destinations.

Girl names that mean “love”

The following girl names actually mean “love” or a variation of it. You’ll find both popular and uncommon names on this list — and all are lovely.

  • Amor: Spanish name
  • Amora: Spanish name
  • Carys: Welsh name
  • Grania: Celtic
  • Mina: German
  • Prema: Indian name meaning “love” in Sanskrit
  • Tivona: Hebrew name meaning “love’s nature”
  • Cheryl: Welsh name
  • Grania: Irish name
  • Maitea: Spanish name
  • Grace: Irish name
  • Philomena: Greek name meaning “greatly loved”

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Romantic flower names

Flowers are romantic and beautiful — and also make great baby names.

Elaborate girl names

Girl names that are long, elegant and feminine have a very romantic feel to them. Many of these names are classics that will stand the test of time.

Romantic girl names

The word “love” itself would make a great first name or middle name (hi, Jennifer Love Hewitt) and an adorable nickname for your baby girl. You could also consider the word in other languages — for instance, Amour means “love” in French. Or you could always name your daughter after a great classic love story — like Jane Eyre or Romeo and Juliet. (Just make sure she knows she’ll have a happier ending than the latter.)

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A version of this article was originally published in February 2011.

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