How to have an anti-Valentine’s Day date

I doubt I’m the only woman who doesn’t get all mushy over Valentine’s Day. Sure, a lot of women expect a lot – or at least something — on Valentine’s Day, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But some of us (ahem, me) aren’t fans of this Hallmark holiday. That doesn’t mean we need to skip it altogether, though. Following are a few ideas for an anti-Valentine’s Day date night…at home!

February 14

Valentine’s Day date night at home doesn’t have to involve two dozen red roses, a necklace with two interlocking hearts and a four course meal at a fancy restaurant. How about a low key night to celebrate your relationship or your family? Your anti-Valentine’s Day date night can be for just you and your honey or a fun time for your whole family.

A bottle of wine, Redbox and a decadent dessert

If you have little ones with reasonable bed times, this is a great low key Valentine’s Day date night. Stop by the Redbox earlier in the day – you don’t want to be left with slim pickings – pick up a bottle of your favorite wine and stop by your local bakery for a decadent dessert that is a real treat.

After you tuck the babes into bed, enjoy a few hours together watching a favorite movie – even a date-type movie, if you must – having a glass of wine and enjoying your dessert. Busy parents don’t often take time to sit down together without any electronics and just be present.

Get the kids involved

My son’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so Valentine’s Day dates are fun and always involve our little family. However, you don’t need a child’s birthday to make the Valentine’s Day celebration all about the family. If your kids are old enough, bake cupcakes or make cookies and decorate them together. Get crazy and add red food dye to your dinner…or at least the servings for your kids if you can’t stomach red mashed potatoes. (Yes, my husband really has done this and it’s a hit.)

Make fun of the fun

My husband and I are on the sarcastic side, so by the time Valentine’s Day is over, we’ve both had a field day with the jewelry commercials. Really, it’s just a coping method to make it through the weeks of advertising that would like to have your hubby convinced that he’s a failure of a man if he doesn’t wrap up somethin’ in a little white box. All I’m saying is that every kiss does not begin with…well, anyway.

If Valentine’s Day is your thing, go big and have a great time! If not, remember that there are other mamas like you out there. You can stay home and still have fun.

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