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Top 10 reasons why you are a good mom

You catch your children’s puke in your own hands, you never get a sick day and you can whip up a healthy dinner out of nothing but the shriveled contents of your bottom refrigerator drawer. It’s Valentine’s Day and who needs a valentine more than you? Celebrate all the reasons why you are a great mom!

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You may never be allowed to finish a plate of food on your own again without it being accosted by tiny grimy fingers. But oddly enough, you don’t mind. You’re just happy they’re getting their vegetables. Somehow.


Your kids are convinced that you can produce anything out of your magical purse. Grapes? Bouncy ball? Mini screw driver? Hamburger? It’s all in there.



No one else knows how to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider like you do.

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Sure it might take a military operation for you to get a shower on a semi-weekly basis, but your children are bathed nightly and are wearing clean clothes. (Well, at least most of the time…)


No one ever told you that after you became a mom you would be found saying things like, “Please don’t put your chicken in the toilet” and “Don’t stab the dog with a fork.” But on the positive note, at least you know you have some standards, right?


Without your magical kisses and miracle healing Sponge Bob Band-Aids, how would anyone in your house ever survive?



Who else can clean up an entire house in a single Dora the Explorer episode? (Just don’t look under the beds, OK?)

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So it is really wrong then that all you want for Valentine’s Day is a pair of jeans that don’t have peanut butter stains on them?

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You’d rather take a bullet to the head than let your baby eat that piece of gum she found in the play area at the mall. Yes, it may have looked like you were performing a tonsillectomy when you had your arm halfway down little Sofia’s throat, but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.


You’ve dedicated an entire wing in your home to your children’s crafts. Sure, you can no longer park your car in the garage because of the 18 extra large Tupperware containers filled with snowmen, Easter bunnies and valentines constructed out of packing peanuts and play dough. But who needs a garage for parking cars anyway when you’ve got love?

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