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7 Ways to celebrate Valentines after the kids go to bed

Keeping the romance alive is an important part of any committed relationship, especially when you become parents. However, getting a babysitter on a day like Valentine’s can be tough. Looking for Valentine’s Day ideas that will pump up the romance factor without having to leave the house? From serving him desert in bed to sneaking in a sexy movie, check out seven ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day after the kids go to bed.

couple feeding each other dessert

1Serve him dessert in bed

People say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day isn’t the only way to seduce him with cuisine. Dish up desert in bed — think chocolate and whipped cream — and you’ll wonder why you ever went out to eat!

2Plan your own wine tasting

Who needs a winery and a babysitter to explore the wine world? Pop the cork on a few bottles of wines you and your partner have wanted to try right at home…and don’t forget the cheese and crackers!

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3Play a game

A game of hide and seek, poker or twister isn’t just child’s play when you up the ante. Bet with clothing or turn off all the lights and let the winner pick the sexy prize.

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4Light lots of candles

There’s something about candlelight that turns on the sex appeal. From tea lights to pillar candles, turn off all the lights and watch the ambiance change almost instantly, whether you’re eating desert or hitting the sheets.

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5Put on a show

Be your man’s private dancer and give him a show he won’t soon forget. To boost your confidence factor, pick up a striptease aerobics video and start brushing up on your moves. Who says cardio can’t be fun!

6Pop in a sexy movie

Increase your libido with a movie to get you in the mood, and vow to duplicate the scenes you’re watching on the screen if you’re adventurous. Or, cozy up together and opt for a romantic movie that will set the tone for the evening.

7Send him on a scavenger hunt on your body

Running around the house for clues isn’t the only way to surprise your mate. Write up hints about different spots to kiss on your body, and be sure to reward him in return with every right answer.

Even if it means waiting until the kids are in bed, you can make romance a priority with these easy Valentine’s Day ideas. “To stay in love, all couples, whether newlyweds or married for years, need to continue to romance each other,” advises Carolyn Bushong, L.P.C., Relationship Therapist for Singles in Denver, Colorado,

Do not let the spark fizzle out. Celebrate Valentine’s, or anytime, right at home without having to call a babysitter!

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