Monday mom challenge: Make mom and dad time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. You’re inundated with red and pink and another candy holiday. You’ve likely received notices from homeroom parents about class parties, the number of Valentines your child should bring and so on. It’s a far cry from such holiday preparations before you had kids! This year, go back in time. Make Valentine’s Day a time to focus on your romantic relationship and remind yourself and your sweetie of the love you share — that created the beautiful family.

married couple in bed

As you get swept up in Valentine’s Day for your kids, don’t forget about your partner. Take the time to remember why couple time is important, that it’s the foundation for your family. And then make something happen, whether simple or more elaborate. Keep that foundation strong.

Adult time is important!

You know it, but perhaps you don’t always act on it: Adult time is important. You need to nurture your relationship with your sweetie as adults and as lovers in addition to your role as parents. Even if you are really good about making time together at home, sometimes you need to get out and away from the household demands and just be grown-ups.

The foundation of your family

A strong, loving relationship with your partner is the foundation of your family. It is what the rest of it is built on! As such, it needs to be tended to and loved — and occasionally repaired — for the overall health of your family.

Your children are picking up signals from you about what a relationship is and how families are formed. Taking the time to nurture your relationship as romantic partners is one of the best ways for you to lead by example and instill your values in your children. They see you valuing and respecting each other and how that expands to include them.

Simple… or more

What you choose to do for and with your partner for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it does need to be heartfelt. You can meet for lunch or have a picnic dinner on the living room floor after the kids are in bed — or you can make reservations at a great restaurant or arrange for fireworks. You can leave love notes in your partner’s pockets and go out for ice cream or spend the night at a fancy hotel if your mother-in-law is amenable to looking after your little ones. Whatever you do, express your love and make some moments together.

Just do it

No more excuses. The cutting out and gluing of paper hearts may be time consuming but it’s no excuse not to make an effort for your sweetie. Find the moment, make the gesture and just do it. Make time for Mom and Dad this Valentine’s Day.

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