7 Tips to help parents keep the spark alive

Keeping the flames of passion burning is no easy task for many couples. Throw children into the mix and you may find yourself wondering if you’ll ever get any alone time again! But thanks to a few easy tips for love within reach, being a parent doesn’t have to mean being romance-less. From turning off technology to turning on the physical contact, discover seven tips to help parents keep the spark alive.

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If keeping the spark alive is such work, why bother? “Attending to your partner romantically is crucial at every stage of a relationship because it distinguishes your relationship from all other connections,” explains Licensed therapist Julie Hanks, LCSW, owner and director of Wasatch Family Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah. “Sharing emotional and physical intimacy sets your relationship apart from relationships with others.” Following are tips for igniting your love life.

1Keep him on his toes

Don’t underestimate the power of surprises. Whether it’s making reservations at his favorite restaurant or amazing him with a sexy note in his briefcase, incorporating the unexpected throughout the normal day will boost the romance factor.

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2Check in at least once during the day

Touching base one or two times throughout the day will keep the lines of communication open, which is an important tip for a happy marriage or relationship of any length. Send a text, chat during a break or even type up an email if time is limited.

3Increase physical contact

Increasing intimacy with your partner is as easy as increasing physical contact. Every chance you get you can steal a kiss, give him a hug, squeeze his leg while you’re driving or simply hold hands while walking.

4Woo each other all over again

Remember how you felt when you and your mate were first dating? Try to reenact your first rendezvous, write each other love notes or light candles in the bedroom and those frisky feelings will come pouring right back in.

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5Put the kids to bed early

Even if it is just once per week, getting 15 minutes more of alone time is like striking gold. Scoring some extra couples time will make you better parents in the end, so don’t feel guilty about putting the kids to bed a little bit early once in a while.

6Turn off technology

Alone time is hard enough to find with the obligations a home and family brings. Boost your romance by turning off the technology, like cell phones, the television and email. It will still be there when your kids are up and about!

7Present a united parenting front

Instead of battling one another, feeling like you’re on the same side will make your partner more attractive to you. So when it comes to parenting, be sure to support your sweetheart, even if you don’t fully agree.

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Whether your love is new or decades old, relationships take a lot of work. Keeping the spark alive can be even more challenging, especially with the curve balls that parenthood can throw your way, but it’s not impossible. “The trick is to allow yourself to let go of the past and fall in love with each other in [each] new moment,” advises Alisa Ruby Bash, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Beverly Hills, California, even if they are few and far between!

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