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Baby girl name guide

Searching for the perfect baby girl name can be overwhelming, which is why our baby girl name guide will come in handy. From finding your baby name style (unique names, traditional names, modern names, celebrity names and exotic names) to helping your pick the right middle name and even twin baby names, our guide is a great starting point for your baby name search.

Baby girl

When looking for the perfect baby name, you and your spouse must first determine what type of name you want. Our guide will lead you to the types of names you will love.

Pick a baby girl name theme

>>>If you love exotic girl names, like Vida or Valentina, check out our Exotic Girl Names from Around the World for Irish names, French names and more

>>>If you are searching for a spiritual girl name that is a tribute to your religion, check out Spiritual Girl Baby Names

>>>If you love classic baby names, you are sure to find the perfect name in our article, Traditional American baby names

>>>If you are a modern mom-to-be who wants a cutting-edge girl name, check out Modern Baby Girl Names

>>>If you are an Earth Angel at heart, you will love our list of Hippy Baby Girl Names

>>>For those parents who love celebrity culture, you are sure to find a unique name in our list of Best and Worst Celebrity Girl Names

>>>If you have a long last name and want a short first name, check out Short and Sweet Baby Names

>>>If you are wanting a trendy or buzzworthy baby name, our list of Popular Baby Names on the Rise is a must-read

>>>If you love popular baby names, check out the Social Security Administration’s Top 100 Baby Girl names

Middle Names for Girls

Once you have your first name picked, it is time to move on to the middle name. A middle name is a good opportunity to include a family name or a mother’s maiden name.

>>For more ideas, check out Middle Name Trends for Girls

Twins names

Picking one name is hard enough, but when you are having twins you must not only choose two names, but they need to flow well together. Some parents want names that rhyme, start with the same letter, have the same overall theme — or are completely different!

>>>If you are having twin girls, check out our list of the top names for twin girls

>>>If you are having girl/boy twins, check out pick of the top names for a boy and a girl

Check out SheKnows Baby Names for even more great ideas!

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