How to start your own mom blog

Adventures in mommyhood can sometimes feel like a solo act. That’s why many moms are jumping on the blog bandwagon. Wondering how to start a blog? Become the next Internet sensation — or just keep your sanity in check — with these tips on how to start your own mom blog.

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Even though it seems like there are a lot of blogs out there, the reason for blogging can be a little different for each mom. Claudia Bodin, creator of Baby’s Home… What Now? DVDs says, “Mom blogs give me a sense of community…[N]ow I realize others have the same struggles, but make it through.”

For others, like Lisa Hanson of the blog Baby Mama Jams, it is therapeutic. “Going from working to being at home is a HUGE adjustment and this blog has been a lifesaver for me to talk about it!”

Now it’s time to get started on your own mom blog. Here’s how!

Get a free blog

A venue to post your latest mom musings shouldn’t cost you more than your time. You don’t need to buy a domain name (especially when you’re just starting out) — you can snag a free blog on many sites, including,, and

Pick a blog topic

Take time to pick a really good, solid blog topic. Choose a subject that you will stay motivated to write about, that you would like to discuss with others, and that you enjoy researching.

“I started my blog because…I felt alone and I wanted to connect with other parents in my situation,” shares Jenny Kales of The Nut-free Mom Blog. “I also wanted to…share the…knowledge I’d gained through my experiences parenting a severely food-allergic child.”

Get an offline blogging primer

You can get more tips, tricks and insights into starting a blog than you’ll find on most any single website in one of the few new books dedicated to the topic!

For starters, check out Mom Blogging For Dummies, by Wendy Piersall (which features a foreword by mommy blogger extraordinaire Heather B. Armstrong, aka Dooce). Another book to consider is The Digital Mom Handbook: How to Blog, Vlog, Tweet, and Facebook Your Way to a Dream Career at Home, by Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla. Both books offer tips on everything from getting started to staying motivated to actually making money from your blog.

Be discreet

When blogging, be selective about the information you post about your family and your children. No personal information, like addresses or the schools your kids attend, should be included in your public blog. Or, take it one step further and utilize your blog’s access controls. You can limit your blog to family only or open it up to the world. You authorize who can read and write on your blog.

Another thing to keep in mind: Your children’s privacy.

Find time to blog

With all the things that you have to juggle just being a mom, you don’t want a blog to add more stress to your life. So, blog when you can, like when your little one is napping, and be sure that you don’t neglect your loyal readers with long gaps between postings.

Get the word out

Now that you have something to say and somewhere to say it let the world know that you’re ready to be read. Exchange links with other bloggers, submit to blog directories, join a blogging community or share through social media, like Facebook or Digg.

Afraid no one will want to hear what you have to say? Don’t dismiss what you write as unimportant. You could be giving other moms out there peace of mind that they’re not the only ones feeling the way they do. So, pull up a computer, gather your thoughts and start a mom blog of your own!

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