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5 Ways to upgrade your mom style

The New Year always gives people a feeling of a fresh start, and what better time than to makeover your mom style? Here are five ways to overhaul your wardrobe and update your style so that it’s hip and cool — without spending a bundle.

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Heya, lady. Are you still wearing jeans from six years ago? Bundling up in decade old fleeces? Pretending that fashion doesn’t exist? Well, whether these things are true for you or not, every mom can afford a little mom makeover this New Year.

Here’s how to easily put a little pep back into your style on the cheap with a style makeover.

1Fast dress update

Sure, that dress looked good with the belt it came with. But it will look even better with a different one to give it more pizzazz. “To update the look, swap out the belt and put a different belt with the dress, whether it be a wide satin ribbon or a striped grosgrain ribbon from a local trimming shop or take one from your closet like the wide stretch belt or skinny patent,” says Alison Deyette, style and shopping expert for

2Go bright

Want an instant style update? It seems that everyone is talking about having a little flare of color in your outfit, so get yours. “This season is all about adding bright pops of color. Scarves, jewelry, and handbags are such a great way to change a look without emptying your checking account and are always timeless,” says Laura Yoder of

But what color should you look for? “Honeysuckle (a pinky-red hue) is the color for 2011, and looks great on many skin tones,” says Michele Little, an image consultant, of

3Invest a little

While it’s not a good idea to shell out big bucks for trendy items that will work one season and not the rest, some closet staples should be treated as investment pieces. “You want to spend the bulk of your fashion dollars on core items such as a great fitting pair of jeans, charcoal or black pants or a really great jacket in a neutral hue,” says Little.

Spending more on the items that you could potentially use for years to come lets you have quality pieces to build on (with those trendy items, of course).

4Hike up the ‘girls’

A bra that fits perfectly is a huge revelation, so if you haven’t had a fitting lately, make sure to get one. “You would be surprised how many women go thru life with the wrong size bra doing the girls absolutely no justice at all,” says image consultant Laura Kronen of

And really, I can personally attest to this. A recent fitting revealed that I was wearing a bra that was two sizes too small. The bra fitting made a huge difference for how clothes fit me now.

5Modernize your hair and makeup

When you think mom style, don’t forget that it extends beyond your clothes. Indeed, your hair and makeup matter, too. Here’s how to spice them up. “One of the trends I’m noticing is sleek, pulled back ponytails and bold eyes with exaggerated eyelashes. With that, you can add a pop of color on your lips and it will complete any outfit,” says Shannon Casey, an account executive with Tara, Ink.

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