Whether you're expecting a baby boy at Christmastime or just hope kiddo loves holiday cheer so much he wants to carry it with him all year, there's a baby name for that. Here are our favorite Christmas-inspired baby names — from the secular to the spiritual to the Hollywood classics.

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Unique boy names inspired by Christmas traditions

  • Nicholas: As in Jolly Old St. Nicholas himself
  • Noel: French name that means "Christmas"
  • Yule: English name meaning "born at Christmas"
  • Clement: Clement Moore wrote 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • Christian: Greek name meaning "believes in Christ"
  • Winter: English name meaning "year"
  • Frost: Perfect for the season
  • Snowden: This is an English name meaning "from the snowy hill"
  • Kris: After Kris Kringle; also an English name meaning "follower of Christ"
  • Jack: Great traditional name; can reference Jack Frost

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Spiritual Christmas names

If you're of the Christian faith, these biblical boy names might be just the inspiration you need.

  • Emmanuel: Hebrew name meaning "God with us"; also Old Testament name for the Messiah
  • Joseph: Hebrew name — Joseph was the father of Jesus
  • Gabriel: Gabriel is a Spanish name meaning "man of God"
  • Christopher: St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers; he is believed to have carried the Christ child across the river
  • Jasper: One of the kings who visited Baby Jesus
  • Michael: In the Bible, St. Michael was the patron saint of soldiers
  • Balthazar: One of the kings who visited Baby Jesus
  • Angel: Biblical name for spirit messengers of God
  • Aaron: Moses' older brother
  • Caleb: Leader sent by Moses to explore the promised land
  • Moses: Brought the 10 Commandments (Gwyneth Paltrow picked this name for her son)
  • Dagon: Hebrew name meaning "fish"
  • Ethan: Biblical name meaning "strong"

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Boy names from Christmas classics

Take a look back at some classic holiday films for great traditional and unique boy names.

From White ChristmasBing Crosby (whose first or last name would make a cool boy's name) played Bob Wallace, while Danny Kaye played Phil Davis. Crosby's other festive classic, Holiday Inn, had Crosby playing Jim and starred Fred Astaire as Ted. From It's a Wonderful Life, Jimmy Stewart played the lovable George Bailey — or what about Clarence the angel? You could also name your son Charles — after Charles Dickens, writer of A Christmas Carol. Probably skip the "Scrooge" name idea though.

A version of this post was originally published in December 2010.