Christmas is good for a lot of things: bringing people together from across distances, generosity, twinkling lights, cookies-per-day consumption rates... and it also happens to be great for baby names.

Whether you're expecting a baby girl around Christmas or just love the holidays and want to name your child accordingly, we have ideas for you. There are spiritual name ideas and seasonal ones, direct ties to the holiday as well as ones that won't immediately identify your child as a wannabe elf.

Ready to get merry, bright and inspired? Check out these names.

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Unique Christmas girl names

These festive names capture the spirit of the season.

  • Holly: English name from the holly plant
  • Noelle: French name meaning "the Christmas festival"
  • December: Why not name your child after the Christmas month?
  • Natala: Italian name meaning "born at Christmas"
  • Natalii: French name meaning "born at Christmas"
  • Noeleen: French name meaning "Christmas"
  • Noble: For the popular noble fir Christmas tree
  • Tashia: This is the Russian form of the name Natalie, which means, "born at Christmas"
  • Candy: This name is as sweet as candy canes. It's actually a Hebrew name meaning "dazzling white"
  • Eve: Hebrew name meaning "living and enlivening"
  • Starr:  English name meaning — you guessed it — "star"

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Spiritual girl names

If you are of Christian faith, you may want to name your baby girl a spiritual or biblical name inspired by Christmas.

  • Mary: Mary was the biblical mother of Christ
  • Angele: Greek name meaning "angel or messenger"
  • Abigail: Biblical origin — in the Old Testament, King David's third wife
  • Hannah: Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel
  • Eden: The biblical Garden of Eden
  • Naomi: Hebrew name meaning "beautiful" or "agreeable"
  • Leah: First wife of Jacob in the Old Testament
  • Sarah: Name meaning "pure" or "happy"
  • Christiane: Greek name meaning "Christian"
  • Emmanuelle: Hebrew name meaning "faith"
  • Faith:  A Christian virtue name
  • Helen:  Latin name meaning "the bright one"
  • Caspar: The name of one of the three wise men
  • Egypt: Where Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled before staying in Nazareth

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A version of this article was originally published in November 2015.