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Monday Mom challenge: Gather your girlfriends for a last-minute holiday celebration

You have days — mere days!! — to go before Christmas, and you never did manage that holiday get together with your girlfriends that you’d hoped for. Instead of a dishy girls’ party, it’s been cookies, crafts, decorating buying gifts. Not that you haven’t enjoyed all that, but that one gathering was missing. With just days to go, is there still time to pull together a last-minute celebration? Absolutely.

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You and your girlfriends are all in the same boat: frazzled! Even though it hasn’t been weeks in the works, all or most of you could still a gather to regroup and recharge. These are the same women you call at other times of the year to help you de-stress and talk through the details of everyday life… no time like the present to de-stress and talk through the details of life at the holidays. Get on the phone now and make it happen — tonight even!

Spur of the moment

Sometimes spur-of-the-moment gatherings work out better than long planned ones. When something is planned weeks in advance, calendars are consulted and bigger logistics are in order — as they should be! But when something is spontaneous, sometimes it can work just as well.

Can you call your neighbor when you see her sweetie arrive home from work and say, “Meet me in 20 minutes at the restaurant down the street?” What about offering your own teenage daughter to babysit for a little while so you and your old friend with younger kids can catch up? Be creative and find that sliver of time. You’ll be surprised how quickly your girlfriends will jump at the chance to get out, even if only for a quick cup of tea or festive martini.

Why not morning?

Who says gatherings have to be at night? Why not on a Wednesday morning? Or Thursday late afternoon? Impromptu gatherings can happen at any time of the day! And you don’t even have to call it “playgroup.”

Just this once, throw a captivating video on the TV to occupy the little ones and steel away to another room to chat and enjoy each other’s company. Pour some eggnog (well, maybe not spiked) and laugh or commiserate or whatever it is you need to do. Can you make it to a coffee shop without the kids? Then cranberry muffins and lattes all around.

Just an hour will do

You don’t need a lot of time; an hour will do! You do need to just say, “Hey, let’s do this.” You need to call those women in your crowd and make the time now. Your friends will thank you – – and you may even start a new holiday “spontaneous” tradition.

It’s not too late to gather with the girlfriends for the holidays. It doesn’t have to be dressy or involve gifts, but it does have to include face time with some of your favorite support system. Call them — NOW! — and make it happen!

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