5 Gift ideas for tech-savvy families

Many of today’s modern families would rather spend time playing with their gadgets and electronics than a board game. Sound like your family or a family on your gift list? Here are five family-friendly gift ideas sure to please every member of the tech-savvy brood.

Family on iPads

The new iPad is out — and of course, it makes a great gift for any techy-savvy person on your list. However, you can find a number of other terrific techie gifts that are ideal for families.

Blu-ray player

Any family would love a new Blu-ray player to play all the latest releases and classic favorites. Blu-ray technology supersedes the DVD format and delivers amazing video and audio definition. You can find hundreds of Blu-ray players at Amazon, starting at around $70.

Gaming console

Gaming consoles are always a great idea for tech-savvy families. Consider the new Wii U (Nintendo, $300) or PlayStation Vita (PlayStation, $250). If the family owns a favorite system already, give the gift of a few new video games or a gift certificate to a gaming store.

Google TV

Give the gift of Google TV. With Google TV, you can use the internet on your TV to browse the web, stream TV shows and much more. The Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV and Keyboard Controller (Amazon, $117) allows users to watch TV, surf the internet, download apps from the Android market and make video calls. You can even use your Netflix subscription on Google TV.

Netflix subscription

Speaking of Netflix, a Netflix subscription would make a great gift for a techie family. With Netflix, you can watch TV shows and movies over the internet on your computer, mobile or tablet device, or on TV via Wii, PS3, Xbox and numerous other devices. You can buy a gift subscription from one month to one year, starting at just $8!

Personal-viewing headset

On the cool factor, you can’t beat the super cool personal-viewing headset from Epson. You probably saw Google’s prototype smart glasses, but they aren’t ready for the public yet. So instead, check out the Android-powered Moverio BT-100 (Epson, $700). Moverio allows you to privately view video, experience side-by-side 3D content, play games and enjoy HD content on a “floating” see-through display projected into your environment as an 80-inch perceived screen. Though everyone in the family can’t use it at once, they’ll love taking turns!

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