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5 Unique gifts for first-time parents

Whether a couple is expecting their first child near the holidays or have recently become parents, here are clever gifts that you can bestow upon first-time moms and dads to help support them on their journey and remind them of the beauty and privilege of it.

For couples expecting near the holidays or for those who have a newborn in the house, it’s a pretty safe bet that most of the gifts they’ll receive will have everything to do with baby. But that can be a good thing for all involved, especially if gift-givers opt for the following memorable presents for first-time parents.

13D bonding with baby3D bonding with baby

New moms and dads are thrilled to experience that first moment when they see their busy, growing child on an ultrasound – even if it’s grainy black and white. Gift them with an experience that will truly blow their mind: a 3D photo session that will reveal and capture their little one’s facial features in detailed still pictures (from yawns to smiles to thumb-sucking). Stork Vision Ultrasound Imaging Centers are staffed by trained medical professionals and located in cities nationwide. Gift cards for their imaging services as well as merchandise are available at all locations.

2Babysitting service subscriptionBabysitting service subscription

Parents are always in search of quality childcare. Purchase a subscription or membership to a national or local sitter service that connects parents with appropriate sitters and offers background checks. “Gift certificates are a great gift for families!” says Adrienne Kallweit, founder of “Parents get the peace of mind knowing their child is being cared for by a safe, experienced and background-screened professional sitter. The children get to have tons of fun with a sitter who doesn’t just sit; she shows up prepared with a bag full of age-appropriate toys and activities.” SeekingSitters’ gift certificates can be used for memberships and/or babysitting hours.

3New-mom necklacesNew-mom necklaces

Honor a woman’s new-mom status with some delicate jewelry. Consider a necklace with charms featuring baby’s initials or even add mom’s and dad’s initials too for an interesting display. For those who prefer a more subtle celebration of motherhood, take a look at the Mom and Baby Lovebird Necklace or Lovebirds with a Baby Necklace from Turtle Love Co. They’re handcrafted using recycled sterling silver and can be made to represent the entire family (no matter what size).

4Wardrobe statement for dadWardrobe statement for dad

Mom is the center of attention for nine months with her gorgeous growing belly, but dad deserves some attention — after all, it’s his pregnancy too, even if he’s not wearing it! Help him mark the arrival of his first child with a due date T-shirt from BellyMan clothing. These vintage-inspired shirts announce the month of his son’s or daughter’s expected debut into the world — he’ll proudly don his own “maternity wear” in anticipation of the event.

5Professional photo shoot

Professional photo shoot

Bump photos are becoming more and more common — and for good reason: Parents want to document their baby’s journey from womb to life. There’s no better way to help first-time parents remember the magical journey of pregnancy than by gifting them with a professional photo session. “It’s a great gift that they may not have thought of themselves in all the planning that surrounds waiting for the baby,” says professional photographer Christie Clancy. “You can give them the opportunity to fill their walls and photo albums with some of their favorite memories.” And if baby has already arrived, newborn photo shoots are just as precious. Wondering how to wrap your gift? Box up a beautiful frame that the new parents can fill once their session is complete.

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