What is Salvia?

What was in Miley Cyrus’ bong? It might have been pot, but some are speculating that Cyrus smoked Salvia. What is Salvia and should you be concerned about it?

Miley Cyrus Bong: What is Salvia?

Miley Cyrus’ bong smoking was caught on camera — that much we know.

What we don’t know is what was in Miley Cyrus’ bong: was it Marijuana? Or, was it Salvia, as some are speculating.

Relieved that she might not have smoked pot? Don’t be — Salvia is a “drug of concern” for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency due to its hallucinogenic effects.

What is Salvia?

Salvia is a Mexican herb that has steadily increased in popularity over the past few years as another way for people to get high.

When smoked, Salvia can produce “psychic effects include perceptions of bright lights, vivid colors and shapes, as well as body movements and body or object distortions,” according to the DEA.

The DEA is apparently studying Salvia to determine whether or not it should be classified like LSD and Heroin.

Salvia: Medicinal benefits?

Not everyone is against Salvia, though. Harvard and other research universities are looking into the medicinal benefits of Salvia for conditions like schizophrenia and addiction.

“Animal data suggest that salvia is not addictive. But people will try it once and since it’s such an intense and unpleasant experience that they will not want to do it again,” L.A.-based psychiatrist Dr. Joe Haraszti told TMZ.

Did Miley Cyrus smoke Salvia?

Was Salvia in Miley Cyrus’ bong? We don’t know for sure. One thing we do know: it’s best to educate yourself and your teens about Salvia.

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