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Homemade Christmas ornaments

Love to craft with your kids? Then these homemade ornaments are perfect for you. Grab the kids, a few supplies and get creating! Your tree will look fab with these homemade Christmas ornaments.

Mom doing Christmas crafts with daughter

It’s time to deck the halls… but don’t forget the homemade Christmas ornaments. Kid-made holiday decorations are a really special way to have quality time with your kids now and have something special to hang on the tree for years to come.

These homemade ornament crafts will have your kids super excited about your entire holiday decor.

Forever candy cane ornaments

Don’t you hate how all the candy canes never seem to get eaten? Well, these fabulous homemade candy canes will never go to waste because you can hang them year after year. No, they aren’t edible!

You need:

  • Pipe cleaners (silver or white)
  • White or clear tri-beads
  • Multicolor see-through tri-beads


  1. Grab a handful of white or clear tri-beads and a handful of the see-through ones (we like to choose specific colors and do patterns).
  2. Thread the tri-beads onto the pipe cleaners in desired pattern, leaving about two inches at the end. Continue to desired length, leaving at least two inches at the top (four is better).
  3. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaners to seal at the top and bottom, using scissors to cut off any excess wire. Be sure to tuck the ends in so they don’t scratch anyone.
  4. Fold over the top portion of the beaded pipe cleaner to form a candy cane shape. Hang as desired.

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Snowy hands

Save those little handprints! Kids grow so much each year and this is a fun way to remember how little they were.

You need:

  • One sheet of cardstock
  • Hole punch
  • White pom-poms or cotton balls (pom-poms are better, they will hold up longer)
  • White school glue
  • Skinny ribbon


  1. Trace one of your child’s hands on the cardstock. Cut it out with scissors.
  2. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the edge of the palm area.
  3. Set up an area with newspaper to protect the floor or table surface. Have your child glue the pom-poms all over the handprint, avoiding the hole punch.
  4. Let dry, and then use ribbon to create a tree hanger.

Mini wreaths

These adorable wreaths are really cute and easy to make. Let your kids decide how to decorate theirs.

You need:

  • Cardboard
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Some combination of green pom-poms, green glitter, green felt, mini bows, ribbon, sequins, Christmas-themed stickers
  • White school glue


  1. Draw wreath shapes on the cardboard and cut them out. Use the hole punch to punch a hole in each.
  2. Loop a ribbon through the hole and tie (this is your hanger).
  3. Allow your children to decorate the wreath using the pom-poms, glitter, etc. Allow them to choose which items they want to use for their wreath.
  4. Allow the wreaths to dry and then hang on the tree.

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Image credit: Amy Vowles

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