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Winter baby boy names

The winter months are serene, beautiful and full of wonderful holidays. Winter is the perfect muse for naming your baby boy. If you are expecting a boy in the winter months or just love this time of the year, check out our ideas for winter baby boy names.

Baby boy

From Christmas fun to enjoying the winter wonderland of nature, the winter months have plenty of places to be inspired for a baby boy name.

Boy names meaning winter

The name Winter (you can also spell it Wynter) is a unique and cool name choice for a baby boy. Aquilo is a name from Roman mythology that means the North wind. Other variations of this name include Aqulino and Aquillo.

Yas is a baby boy name of Native American (Navajo) origin that means Snow. Another option is Yasligai, which is Snow White.

Nevada is a baby boy names that is Spanish in origin and means Snow-clad. Another unique option is the name Snowden, which is a boy name of English origin that means “from the snowy hill.”

Winter boy names after nature

Let the beautiful snow-capped scenery inspire you to find a winter boy name. For instance, Frost and Snow are both cool names that would be great when used as middle names. You might want to avoid the name Frosty, as images of “Frosty the Snowman” instantly come to mind.

North, after the North Star, could make an interesting moniker for a baby boy, as would winter weather destinations such as Aspen or Vale.

Winter names inspired by Christmas

Nicholas or Nick (after good ole’ Jolly St. Nick) are traditional boy names, as is Gabriel — as in the Angel who told Mary she was pregnant. Joseph, Mary’s husband, is another good name choice — along with Malachi.

Christian is a baby boy names that is French in origin and means, “Christian.” Noel is another Christmas inspired boy name that is French in origin and actually means Christmas!

Christiano is a boy name of Spanish origin that also means Christian, while the name Christoph is a boy name English in origin that means “he who holds Christ in his heart.”

The Three Kings who brought the gifts to baby Jesus were named:

You can also consider the name Michael, who is the angel of love and family.

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