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Winter baby girl names

If you are expecting a baby girl this winter or just love this festive time of the year, you may want to consider giving your daughter a winter baby name. From the winter holidays to the changing seasons, check out our pick of popular, unique and exotic winter baby girl names.

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Winter is a beautiful and magical time of the year, and it brings along with it many choices for winter baby girl names.

Baby Girl Names meaning winter

The name Winter is a beautiful name for a baby girl — and Nicole Richie used it as the middle name for daughter Harlow Winter Kate. “Winter [is] so serene and quiet and that’s how [our daughter] is,” Nicole said of her daughter’s name.

Although some baby name lists have it categorized as a boy name, this name can easily be considered unisex. It is of English origin and means “Born in the Winter.” You can also spell this name Wynter for a unique twist.

The name Dong-Mei is a baby girl name of Chinese origin that means “a combination of winter and plum.” This name most likely won’t be a top choice for parents here in the U.S., but may be a great option for parents who live in China or speak Chinese.

Soyala is a baby girl name of Native American origin that means “Time of the winter solstice.”

The winter months

You may also consider naming your child after the winter or fall months — and either use it as a first name or middle name.

October is a beautiful name, as is November and December. The name December is English in origin and would make a good choice as a first or middle name. January (as in the actress January Jones) is another good choice for naming your baby a winter name.

Winter holidays

You can also look to the winter holidays to be inspired for a baby girl name. The name Christmas is English in origin and was often given to children born on Christmas day. It has been used as both a first and last name since the middle ages!

Holly is a baby girl name that is also English in origin and means “holy.”

You can also look to religious holiday names such as Mary for more name ideas inspired by the winter months.

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