How to throw a kid-friendly holiday party

When it comes to the holidays, having kids at your Christmas party is part of the package. But any parent will tell you that having kids at a holiday party gives it a whole new dynamic. Before you pull out your finest china and expect kids to be on their best behavior in an adult environment, check out these tips on how to throw a kid-friendly holiday party.

1Kids Christmas PartyAdd extra hands for kids at Christmas party

Consider hiring a babysitter to help with young guests. Parents will be able to focus on enjoying themselves while you focus on hosting your party and keeping all of your guests happy…and have a good time yourself!

2Select scrumptious kid-popular food

Don’t go overboard when selecting foods that kids will like, but be sure to include a few universal hits. Foods like veggie sticks, fruit bowls, quesadillas or finger sandwiches can make even the pickiest kids happy at a holiday party!

3Keep spills to a minimum

Choose drinks that are pre-portioned, such as small waters, juice boxes or short soda cans, to limit spills. This can also reduce the chance that kids’ drinks will get mixed up with adult drinks.

4Designate a kids-only area

Set up some kid-friendly games, movies and activities in a space that is separate from the main party area, but close by enough for parents to feel at ease. “My suggestion for kid-friendly holiday parties is to have an age-appropriate activity for them to do,” offers Chris Nease, event designer. “Keep in mind the skill level of a 3-year-old versus that of a 9-year-old” and avoid toys with small pieces (like Legos) or things that need supervision, like crafts, unless you’ve enlisted a mommy’s helper.

5Choose a practical party time

Have the party at an earlier hour rather than later, so kids are less likely to be cranky or worn out. Otherwise, you might find parents heading home sooner than you were hoping.

6Arrange a kids’ table

Setting up a kids’ table is not only more fun for kids, but more relaxing for adults. If possible, aim to enlist a willing teen to take charge of the kids’ table to ensure that help is close by for little eaters.

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7Set the mood

Even with kids at a Christmas party, dancing is a hit with young and old. So, set up your MP3 player, shuffle your party hits CDs or hire a DJ, and your shin dig is sure to be a hit!

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When you include kids at your next holiday party, keeping kids happy and occupied will allow the entire family to have a good time.

Need more ideas for kids’ activities at your holiday party? Check out our free kids activities pages and find fun ideas to keep the little ones occupied, like coloring pages.

>>What is your biggest secret for keeping kids happy at a holiday part? Spill it in the comments section below!

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