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Why you shouldn’t give your kids too many holiday gifts

How often do we say that we give our children too many gifts…that we need to scale back on the gift giving during the holidays? We know that giving our children too many gifts isn’t good, but it’s easy to get caught up in the spirit of holiday buying, especially when it comes to our children. The result: our kids end up with way too many gifts and our checkbook — or credit card — takes a big hit. Keep reading for five reasons to avoid giving your kids too many gifts this holiday season.

Holiday gifts

While you want your children to experience the excitement of opening holiday presents, putting too many gifts under the tree isn’t a good idea. Keep these five reasons not to give too many gifts in mind while you finish up your holiday shopping.

Number 1The economy

The bad economy isn’t new, and those affected by it are constantly reminded, but it’s important not to push it out of your mind or temporarily forget while you’re finishing your holiday shopping. Even though the government insists we’re on our way to recovery, many families are still feeling the strain of a bad economy. Adding to your financial stress by purchasing too many gifts for your kids — gifts you might not be able to afford — is never a good idea.

While we should usually live by the adage, “We don’t care what everyone else is doing,” in this case, maybe we should. Even if your family can afford an extravagant holiday, many of your child’s friends might not be able to do the same. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the season — and the gifts — but it’s a good reason to keep the giving in check.

Number 2The reason for the season

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Plain and simple: the holidays are not all about gifts, things, tangible items, toys, consumerism…call it what you want, the point is the same. Remember the reason for the season. Whether your family’s reason is religion, connectedness, memories or kindness, don’t forget — the holidays are not about giving or receiving too many gifts. Keep the holidays simple with presents!

Number 3Nobody wants spoiled kids

Start making the holidays about endless gifts when your kids are young and you’re setting yourself up for years of expectations. You don’t want to feel like you need to match — or worse, outdo — last year’s gift giving, nor do you want your kids desire – or worse, think they deserve – more and more gifts each year. Do yourself and your kids a favor and don’t buy too many gifts.

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Number 4Gifts don’t equal love

You don’t measure your love for your child by the number of boxes wrapped under the tree or gifts presented each day of Hanukkah, and you know that. Still, when you’re shopping for your kids, it’s easy to think “Oh, she’ll love this! It will make her so happy!” as you imagine the joy on your daughter’s face as she unwraps yet another “special” toy.

No doubt, the gift will bring her joy, but so will being with her family, sharing memories and cuddling on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. Gifts make our kids feel good at that moment, and they probably even make them feel gratitude — and love — toward us for giving them, but gifts don’t replace, or serve as a form of, love.

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Number 5Too many gifts are overwhelming

As crazy as might seem, it’s possible to overwhelm a child with too many gifts! Young children are especially likely to feel overwhelmed by too many gifts, but so can older kids. This is one of those times where quality, not quantity, matters.

As you’re finishing up your holiday shopping, remember what the holidays mean to you. Strive to impart that meaning onto your children, and remember that you can’t accomplish that by giving them too many gifts.

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