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Help for kids’ hair problems

Got snarled hair? Cowlicks? Kids hair seldom behaves as you’d like it to. But with the right tips and tricks — and kids hair products — you can overcome common kid hair problems.

Mom brushing daughter's hair

Toddler hair how-to

The wispy hair of babies can be adorable, but by the time they hit toddlerhood, that fine hair can give way to some serious kid hair problems. From snarled hair to cowlicks, it’s a challenge for parents Yep, I’ve been there too!

So, what do you do? We asked hairstylist Alan Gold, creative director of The Haig & Co. Salon in Philadelphia, for some tips.


Tangles are hard for anyone, but for kids with wavy or curly hair, they can be awful. “My biggest problem with my dude is tangling — and crying because of it. Sure, I could cut his locks, but why would I want to?! They are gorgeous, but tangly,” says Amanda of Dumb Mom.

Have you been there? When a kid’s hair has big-time tangles, brushing is heart-wrenching. Combing is out of the question. So, what works? Gold suggests using kids hair products like Johnson & Johnson No More Tangles detangler spray, along with Moroccan Oil and Cream. “Works like a dream,” says Gold.

Also, what works for my daughter and me is holding the hair slightly away from the head and brushing little by little. This lessons the ouch factor.


Cowlicks can be cute … but they can also be frustrating when parents want their kid’s hair to just be polished. Maggie Miller, who blogs at Family Frugal Fun, says that her two kids both have cowlicks on the crowns of their heads. “People laugh all the time and think it’s ‘cute’ or say ‘Hey, it’s Dennis the Menace,’ but my 7-year-old is growing tired of it,” says Miller.

So, what can you do to tame a cowlick? Cowlicks are often best treated by reversing the part, making the hair lay down,” says Gold. Some also swear by using hairspray or bobby pins to try to train the hair to lay right.

Styles for girls who don’t want their hair up

Some kids don’t care if you braid, pull back or barrette their hair. Others…well, they won’t hear of it. My daughter falls decidedly into the latter category. She hates having her hair touched, and complains loudly if you want to do much more than brush her hair. So, how do you tame the tresses of a kid who doesn’t want their hair embellished?

Short of completely changing your kid’s hair style, so that it’s not embellishment friendly, you need to work with your kid’s preferences, not against them. “Embrace it and encourage the child to be part of the care process. If they feel they have a say in the decision, they will step up to the plate,” says Gold.

If you need ideas for kids hairstyles, be sure to take a look at our Hairstyles Lounge, where you’ll find great ideas — complete with photos — for both boys’ and girls’ styles!

>>Do you have any tried and true tips for handling your kid’s hair issues? Share them in the comments section below!

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