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10 Tips to feng shui your Christmas celebration

Want to create a harmonious holiday environment? Follow these Christmas feng shui tips to increase your holiday’s potential for maximum joy.

Feng shui Christmas

A sensational holiday season is all about having good energy – in your home, in your heart, in as many places as possible! Christmas feng shui is easy to implement – just follow these 10 tips.

1Decorate upDecorate up

“Hang garlands and lights so they swag and ‘smile.’ Decorations with ends that hang ‘down’ create a subconscious sadness,” says Ellen Whitehurst, leading feng shui expert and author of Make This Your Lucky Day. Decorate at eye level to “lift” the vibe of the room and the mood of those in it.

2Vary your lighting

“Using overhead lighting exclusively can deplete energy, create anxious situations, or lead to eye strain, headaches or anger,” Whitehurst explains. Use holiday candles and side lamps to complement what beams down from above.

3Go green

In feng shui, green is the color of healing. It relieves and diffuses stress and creates a peaceful environment. “Cool and peaceful green balances out the ‘fire’ or heat from an excess of red,” says Whitehurst. Decorate with pine or evergreen branches and garland; consider hanging some over your entryway outside to ward off negative energies and invite fortune and luck.


Welcome your holiday visitors by asking them to add a decoration to your Christmas tree. “Everyone’s loving energies will be linked throughout the holiday season,” explains Whitehurst. “You can have a basket of ornaments sitting at the front door or have popcorn or berries that each visitor can add to an ongoing string.”


“Too much color, food, sound and activity can have a numbing effect and exhaust the family,” says Whitehurst. Try waiting a little longer than usual before putting up your Christmas decorations; when you do decorate, weed out the knick-knacks or embellishments that you don’t absolutely love. “Using images of water or actual using fountains can ‘cool’ the atmosphere and create harmony and balance.”

6Frame itFrame it

Having guests to stay? Put a picture of them with you in a wooden frame – wood is associated with family and friends in feng shui – and place that in the guest room. “It allows for feelings of closeness, intimacy and welcoming,” says Whitehurst.

7Be “scentsible”

Cinnamon is a calming and cooling Christmas scent. (According to Whitehurst, it’s also considered a male aphrodisiac and makes men want to spend money!) Pine, cypress or eucalyptus scents cleanse an atmosphere of negative energy. Cloves and bayberry create calm and harmony. And putting cloves in oranges and placing them in the kitchen or dining room encourages abundance, money and joy.

8Add plants

Poinsettias promise miracles and magic when used as Christmas decorations, says Whitehurst. When hung in the four corners of the main floor of the house, mistletoe keeps the atmosphere clear of negativity, anger, stress and tension. When hung in the dining room, according to feng shui, mistletoe will bring cash and luck into the house during the New Year ahead. And who doesn’t love having all these cozy spots to steal a kiss?

9Rejuvenate yourself

When Christmas gets to be too much, regroup. “Talk a walk outside every day without fail. Tension and tiredness can be ameliorated by unplugging from the holiday rush for at least 10 minutes each day,” says Whitehurst.


Even if eggnog is your poison, Whitehurst says that adding herbs like ginger, cinnamon, anise or nutmeg to mulled wine will restore and refresh your spirit and soul. “Take this drink medicinally – wink – after a nice long walk in order to bring a balance and harmony both inside and out.”

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