Native American baby names for boys

If you want to give your baby boy a strong yet unique name, you should consider a Native American name. These names are full of meaning and culture and would make a great first or middle name for your son. Naming your baby boy a Native American name is also a great way to pay respect to your culture.

Newborn baby boy

According to Native American culture, many tribe elders passed down a name to their son. They would also often wait until their son reached puberty before deciding on a specific name because they wanted the name to be chosen after a life experience, event, dream or after the son’s personality.

Traditional Native American boy names

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These traditional Native American boy names are taken from directly from the Native languages. Choose a name that has a specific meaning to you. Following are some name ideas and their meaning:

  • Peyak: Means One
  • Tapu: Means Two
  • Nas: Means Three
  • Niewi: Means Four
  • Alenia: Means man
  • Alemwa: Means dog
  • Ki’somma: Means sun
  • Nipahem: Means moon
  • Nebi: Means water
  • Wapi: Means white and lucky
  • Wisaw: Means yellow
  • Mekwi: Means red
  • Seke: Means black
  • Mitsu: Means eat
  • Namito: Means see
  • Nutomon: Means hear
  • Nakamo: Means sing
  • Matcaw: Means leave
  • Chaske: Sioux nickname for a first born
  • Chetan: hawk
  • Magi: Cherokee version of Michael
  • Ataian: Version of Steven
  • Biyen: Version of Peter

Popular Native American names for boys

These popular Native American names are masculine names with a strong sound and meaning. Check out some of our top picks, along with the meaning:

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If some of these Native American baby names for boys seem to difficult to pronounce or spell, why not invent or adapt a new name of your very own or shorten the Native American name? For instance, if you think Dohasan might be too confusing, consider the name Hasan or Hanson — your boy name can still be inspired by the original Native American name.

Remember, when it comes to baby names, there are no rules…except the ones you make up.

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