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Throw a movie night party

The glamour, the celebrities, the fun! Bring all the excitement and special flavor of movies from the big screen into your home by throwing a movie night party for your family and friends.

Movie party

Why not throw a movie party at home? Whether the motivation is to celebrate a premiere, honor a classic, watch an awards show or to just tone down the expense of going to the theater with your kids, make it a special night at your house with your family and friends as the stars.

Pick the movie theme

The theme of a party sets the tone for the night — from what movie is actually viewed to the decor and menu choices. If your guest list is primarily comprised of kids, include old-school favorites like Mary Poppins, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, as well as new releases. Great ideas for movie classics include a range of genres like Casablanca, Indiana Jones, Gone with the Wind, Airplane or Titanic. Throwing a movie night party just for the girls? Pick titles like Sex and the City, 13 Going on 30, When Harry Met Sally, Bridesmaids or The Notebook. Choose a movie genre that appeals to the audience you plan on entertaining and be sure to be mindful of ratings if children will be in attendance.

Star-studded decorations

Throwing a movie-themed party means anything goes for your decor! Decorations that go along with the theme of the movie party truly bring the celebration together. Print out movie posters, hang film reels, scatter gold foil stars around the food and roll out the red carpet at the front door to welcome guests. You can even go one step further by picking one scene, object or famous line out of the movie to center your decorating theme around or strategically decorate separate areas of your house.

Snack bar

Traditional movie fare is a great way to continue the theme of any movie party. Popcorn is a staple for movie goers everywhere, as are candy, nuts and soft drinks. Serve it up old-school style by arranging the snacks in tins, popcorn bags or at a self-serve snack bar. Find some old-fashioned soda bottles — even if they’re for display only — and serve drinks in plastic cups with lids and straws for a true movie theater experience.

Outdoor seating

If the weather permits, why not take the fun outdoors? Set up the screening area by using a white sheet, projector and laptop, and hang string lights or lanterns for the authentic outdoor movie look. Make it comfortable for your guests to enjoy by setting up pillows and blankets or lounge chairs. Wait until well after sunset before you begin your screening, so that your “theater” will be nice and dark.

Movie night wardrobe

Even if your movie party is small, the right attire will make you feel like the star of your party! Find pieces that are comfortable and further complement the theme of the party. You can go all out and find costumes of the characters in the film, style your hair as one of the characters, or just slip into your favorite loungewear to enjoy a night camped out in front of the screen with your family or friends.

Add more fun to your movie party by taking tons of pictures — like the paparazzi do — and remember the occasion for years to come!

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