10 Gifts for the movie lover

Nov 12, 2010 at 12:48 a.m. ET

Just because your besties love movies that doesn't mean they want to receive a gift card to Blockbuster every Christmas. You can still get your movie-going loved ones in your life some great gifts that they'll go ga-ga for… without having to resort to a gift certificate to the movie store or theater.


Movie paraphernalia

Your friend may not love, say, Superman enough to slap a movie poster across her wall, but she might enjoy a trendy vintage tee with a Superman, Batman or other superhero logo on it. The internet is littered with options, but we like this one (mostly because it's pink. So sue us.).

9Catch a flick

Dinner and a movie is a classic date night. So if your hubby loves the movies, make a cute (but not cutesy!) homemade coupon book that promises to take him to dinner at XYZ restaurant before treating him to his latest anticipated film. (Bonus points for sneaking dessert into the theater…)

Alice in Wonderland Wii game

8Video game based on a movie

If your movie-loving friend also happens to be a video game junkie (highly likely if said friend is a man), get him (or her, but mostly him) a video game based on his fave film. There are about a bajillion video games based off popular flicks, but do some research before picking up The Notebook video game. Kidding. But serious gamers definitely have their opinions about which movies would actually make a worthy video game.

7Movie night in

If your pal would rather pick a movie from the comfort of her own couch than head out for a night at the theater, make her a custom movie night treat basket filled with her personal faves. Find a giant ceramic popcorn bowl then go crazy filling it up with her movie-time must-haves from microwave "movie butter" popcorn to Sugar Daddies. Throw in an extra treat like a bottle of wine (always fun) or a Snuggie.

6Sing along

Seriously, you don't even have to be a movie lover to know that movie soundtracks rock. Embarrassing to admit, but it's true (says the girl who still listens to her Cocktail soundtrack when no one's around. Shh…). Pick up the soundtrack to your friend's fave movie so she can rock out to the tunes when she's not watching the film.

5Film festival passes

Check your city's event calendar for a local film festival, then score your pal some passes. (Bonus: Since you're the one who gave her the gift, she'll probably ask you to join her. Extra present for you! Merry Christmas.)

4Something new, something blue

Sony Blu-Ray

If you really want to impress the movie-lover in your life, get him a Blu-ray player. They range in price, but this one from Sony is upwards of $300. Movie buffs will drool over the crystal-clear definition.

3A real page-turner

If your friend's movie-going passion extends beyond exiting the theater, get her a book. Just because people like movies doesn't mean they never read! Perhaps she'd like a biography about her favorite film producer or a book from the series Movie Mistakes by Jon Sandys that highlights popular movies' bloopers, errors and technical mishaps.

2Get popping!

Popcorn and movies go hand in hand, so get your film-fanatic friend a gift that keeps on giving –- a popcorn popper! We love this crank-operated stovetop one from Crate & Barrel for $29.95. Complete the gift with some fun gourmet popcorn kernels, oils and seasonings.

1Movie magazine subscription

A magazine subscription is the ideal stocking stuffer for your favorite movie-goer. You can score a year's subscription of Entertainment Weekly, for a mere $20.

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