5 Ways to make family movie night fun

Family movie night is a great way to bond with your kids and end a busy week. Check out our ideas that will turn movie night into a fun experience for the whole family. Start new traditions and make fun family memories with these tips for family movie night fun.

Family watching movie at home

1Mix classic movies with current releases

Movie night is a great excuse to expose your children to some great classic movies. Alternate weeks between classic movies and current releases to keep everybody happy. They may balk at the idea at first, but you would be surprised how much they end up loving these golden oldies.

Some kid-friendly classic movies include Singin’ in the Rain, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and It’s a Wonderful Life.

2Decorate according to a theme

Decorate your living room according to the theme of the movie. For instance, on Harry Potter movie night,  turn your living room into Hogworts by printing off movie posters online and placing them around the room. Drape tables with black sheets and sprinkle star confetti around. Have each family member wear a magician’s hat or carry a wand and serve Harry Potter’s Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans. For Shrek, create a green-colored room, and have every family member get decked out in green clothes to watch the movie. A Twilight movie night would be especially fun for your teens to decorate!

3Turn your living room into A theater room

Transform your living room into a cozy theater room by adding lots of pillow and blankets to the sofa and chairs. You can also create a comfy spot on the floor for the kids with pillows and blankets. Create soft theater lighting by placing white Christmas lights around the perimeter of the room and turning the other lights off. If it is within your budget, go with a surround sound system so you really get the movie theater experience.

4A new twist to popcorn

For a true movie theater experience, serve freshly popped popcorn in a movie theater popcorn box. You can buy them online for around $10 for a pack of 50. You can also make easy popcorn balls that are both fun to make and are a tasty treat. For another fun option, set out toppings for the popcorn, such as popcorn seasoning, cinnamon/sugar mixture, melted butter or caramel, and let each family member top their popcorn as they wish.

5Schedule an intermission

To make family movie night a pleasant experience for all, plan an intermission halfway through the movie. This allows everyone to use the restroom, and get food and drink refills without disturbing anyone. Once intermission is over, flicker the lights to indicate the movie will be starting.

After the movie is over, take the opportunity to give your reviews (thumbs up or thumbs down), what you did or didn’t like about the movie, lessons learned and discuss how they would or would not have acted differently from the main character in the movie.

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More tips for family movie night

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