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Combat the effects of parenting on your skin

Nobody ever said that parenting is easy, and your skin might agree. As a mother, your crazy schedule and unique parenting challenges can impact your skin…and not in a good way. Stress, lack of sleep, pregnancy and even hours spent on the soccer field sidelines all contribute to fine lines, excessive dryness and other conditions that suck the beauty “pep” out of mothers’ skin everywhere.

Mom skincare

For busy moms, it’s sometimes hard to get in a daily shower, let alone pamper your skin. Before you know it, there’s a stranger looking back at you in the mirror. Thankfully, you can combat some of the effects of parenting on your skin.

Tired looking eyes

Most moms know that sleep can be hard to come by. The result? Your once bright peepers are looking a little dim. Concealer is a mom’s best friend, but don’t forget about curling your lashes. The extra lash oomph will liven up your eyes and make your mascara pop (if you get to that step).

Try: Blinc heated eyelash curler gives long-lasting curls with heat rather than clamping your delicate lashes.

Dull complexion

Perhaps there was a day when monthly facials were a part of your routine. If you’re like most moms, professional facials are a luxury rather than a staple. Consequently, your skin might look a little dull and in need of a good exfoliation.

Try: One Love Organics Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Mask is the perfect addition to your daily routine. It gently but effectively adds a fresh glow to your complexion.

Fine lines

Moms spend plenty of time in the sun carting around kids. Even if you wear your sunscreen, squinting and sun exposure can cause fine lines. Of course, you can always visit your dermatologist or plastic surgeon for some — ahem — help, but who has the time or money? Instead, opt for a line filler. Sure, the results are not as long-lasting, but your wallet will thank you, and your lines won’t distract you…as much.

Try: Become’s Line Corrector uses hyaluronic bio spheres (a combo of hyaluronic acid and amino acids) and peptides to hydrate and plump up skin.

Varicose veins

Some moms experience spider or varicose veins during pregnancy, which often stick around for a repeat performance long after you give birth. These veins can be as uncomfortable as they are unsightly. Some disappear on their own, while others require medical intervention. You can ease your discomfort by using hose and socks specifically designed for this condition.

Try: FUTURO Energizing pantyhose or Revitalizing trouser socks provide gradual compression to improve circulation and relieve the symptoms of varicose veins.

Lackluster skin

Way back when, you probably paid your skin the attention it deserves. Alas, your busy mommy schedule gets in the way and self-beautification sometimes plummets on the priority list. Jolting lackluster skin back to life can be as easy as slathering on a quality lotion after a shower or before bed. Look for ingredients that really pack a punch instead of inexpensive fillers.

Try: Because Multi-Tasking Hand and Body Lotion firms and boosts hydration with borage oil, sea buckthorn oil and ginseng.


If you are lucky enough to get a shower in, you may suds up with a product containing sodium lauryl-sulfate (SLS), a chemical known to cause dry and sometimes irritated skin. Make the most of the few minutes you get to yourself by using a natural body wash that pampers your skin. If you really want to hop on the “green” train, in addition to SLS, avoid parabens as well.

Try: Quench African Black Soap All-Over Wash uses dried and ground cocoa pods and coconut oil to clean body, face and hair — and it’s uber-gentle for all ages.

Do you have any tried and true skin care tips? Share them in the comments section below and help a mom out!

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