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5 Steps to being a more laid-back parent

It’s no lie: The stress of being a parent can sometimes be overwhelming. This can transmit itself — whether you want it to or not — in unfavorable ways to your little people. Falling into the trap of the stressed out, drill sergeant parent is easy, but life as a mom or dad doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll show you how to go with the flow and make your parenting experience better all around.

Brothers playing outside1Get outdoors

It sounds so simple — go outside — but the natural world holds so much potential for fun and learning from the time your child is an infant until they themselves are adults.

Give a child a love of the outdoors, and you will help them love it for life. And without tons of gear to buy or expensive lessons to taxi them to, you’ll save money. Getting outdoors benefits the whole family — everyone has fun, gets exercise and forgets about the daily grind.

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2Establish a routine

From infancy, it’s best to establish a routine as early as possible and stick with it. This enables your child to know what to expect and when to expect it, and while it doesn’t guarantee your lives will be drama free, it will help keep expectations in line and stress levels lower for all involved.

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3Know when there’s a real emergency

It’s easy, particularly with your first child, to overreact to any injury, fever, fall or boom. The good news is that children are strong and resilient and, barring any underlying health condition, heal and recover quickly. To be on the safe side, it’s best to brush up on basic first aid and keep your medicine cabinet stocked with age-appropriate medicine and bandages. If you are relaxed and strong in the face of crisis, your child will be calmer.

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4Take time for you

Lean on your partner or other family members to care for your children while you take care of yourself on a regular basis. Catch a movie with a good friend or take a jog in a local park. You don’t even have to leave the house. If you love to read, create your own reading area, complete with a comfy chair and snacks, while your partner entertains the kids in another part of the house.

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5Create a nurturing environment

Be accessible to your children at all stages of their life. When children trust that their important people will comfort and help them in times of need as well as times of joy and fun, there is less conflict and stress.

With these tips in mind, you can manage your stress level and teach your children valuable ways to manage stress themselves. A happy, relaxed parent creates a happy, relaxed household. Try it!

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