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54 Modern Names for Girls Destined to Be Trendsetters

If you’re on the hunt for modern names for girls, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve sought out all the best names that leave the 20th century in the dust. Old fashioned? Nope. Forward-thinking? Absolutely.

If you want a baby girl name that is unique, interesting and trendsetting, look no further than this list. From unisex names to titles with letters that don’t get used nearly as often as they should, these modern baby names are going to help you narrow down your options tout de suite.

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Baby girl names starting with X & Z

Girl names with the letters X and/or Z have a distinctive edge to them. Here are our picks for these cool, modern girl names:

Unisex names

Unisex names have become increasingly popular over the years — and of course, celebrities have caught onto (or probably started) the trend. Below are some of our favorites. Some are straight-up unisex and some are a more feminine twist on a traditionally masculine name (like Billie instead of Billy).

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Virtue names

Virtue names that describe a personality characteristic also make great middle names. Some of our picks:

Green baby names

And by “green,” we mean names taken straight from nature — that might even conjure up feelings of spring. Here are some of our favorites:

You can also consider naming your baby girl one of these beautiful and unique names that actually mean “green” or that have a strong affiliation with this earthy color.

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Modern names for girls
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A version of this article was originally published in November 2010.

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