Diaper bag essentials

Wondering how to fit everything into your diaper bag? SheKnows what you need to bring — and what to leave at home. Of course, diapers, wipes, diaper cream and a change of clothes are essential. But beyond the basics, there are a number of other must-haves that you should be tucking into your diaper bag for every trip.

Diaper bag essentials

Gone are the days where you could grab your keys and purse and then you’re out the door! Once you have a child, any time you venture outside the house it becomes a big event. It requires preparation, planning and a well-packed diaper bag.


Changing pad

You never know exactly where you will end up changing your baby, so be sure to have a changing pad along. A changing pad helps you steer clear of germs and dirt in less than sanitary conditions. Many diaper bags come with a changing pad that fits easily in the bottom of the bag.


Antibacterial gel and wipes

Antibacterial hand sanitizer is definitely a must after you have changed a dirty diaper. Plus, antibacterial wipes are also useful whether you are at the grocery store (icky carts), playground, restaurant or just about anywhere else.


Zipper bags

When you have babies and toddlers, you need to have several disposable zipper bags on hand. You can use them to store everything from soiled diapers to wet clothing to leftover snacks. Just remember to keep plastic bags out of the hands of little ones.



Tuck a blanket into your diaper bag to keep your baby warm when it’s chilly outside (or chilly inside at the doctor’s office). It can also be used to cover an area where little ones are sitting outdoors or to prop the baby up in the stroller or high chair at a restaurant.


Pain reliever

Baby acetaminophen or ibuprofen, as well as teething gel, should be kept in your diaper bag if you are going to be away from home for several hours. You never know when your baby might start cutting teeth or an illness might come on.

More supplies

Other diaper bag essentials include feeding supplies (bottles, formula, baby food, spoons and snacks), burp cloths, pacifiers, nursing pads, bottled water (for you!) and a few small toys to entertain Baby.

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