5 Reasons being your teen daughter’s BFF is a bad idea

You’re a mom, so you likely want to have good, close and meaningful relationship with your daughter. You can have that, but not by being your teen daughter’s BFF – Best Friend Forever. It’s a bad idea, at least while she still lives under your roof. While playing her best friend might be more fun, it’s not part of the Mom Job Description. If that’s not reason enough, then it must be said: It’s time to come to grips with reality. You’re not a teenager!

BFF Mom and Teen Daughter

Following are the top five reasons you shouldn’t try to be your teen daughter’s BFF

5. Your butt may be hot, but it ain’t “Juicy”

Seriously, ladies, your 17 year old daughter may be able to wear a pair of sweat pants that have “Juicy” or “Pink” scribbled across the booty, but you shouldn’t. Period. Even if you put in the hours at the gym to earn that title, the look belongs to the younger crowd. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t be your teen daughter’s BFF. Best friends share clothes. And these are not the kind of clothes you should be borrowing.

4. You’re awesome, but advice from you is advice from “Mom”

Sure, you know best. It goes without saying that you always know best. You’re Mom! Regardless, her best friend needs to be the one to tell her that the guy who just dumped her is a loser…as her best friend, as a peer and as an equal. You need to be there to tell her she can do better, as a caring, protective mom. There’s a difference and your daughter knows it, even if you’re filling the role of her BFF.

3. Best friends share everything, not just clothes

And do you really want your daughter borrowing your favorite so-expensive-it-still-makes-you-feel-guilty-for-buying-it designer purse? Didn’t think so.

2. Friendships come and go

While it’s true that not all mom-daughter relationships stand the test of time, you hope that yours does. Best Friends Forever aren’t always forever. Being cool now isn’t worth being obsolete later.

1. Simply because you’re her mom.

And as her mom, you are, without a doubt, one of the most important people in her life…even if she doesn’t know it. Now more than ever, she needs your guidance, love and role modeling. No matter how much you might wish it were possible, you can’t fulfill those duties if you’re trying to be her best buddy at the same time. The truth is that you can be her best friend…later. When your daughter finishes growing up and after she finds her way in life, you will have an opportunity to cultivate a wonderful friendship with her. Until then, do your job: Be a mom.

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