Double-Adorable Boy-Girl Twin Names That Are the Perfect Match

Y’all, this business of picking baby names is hard. Settling on a name that your kid will be stuck with for the rest of their life comes with a lot of pressure — and when you find out you’re expecting twins and have to decide on two names that complement each other, things are twice as hard.

This mission becomes even more complicated when you’re having boy-girl twins.

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We know you’ve already got plenty on your plate right now, which is why we’ve done our best to make the name-picking process easy for you. If you want to go matchy-matchy, we’ve picked some name pairs that begin with the same letter. But if you’re not the alliterative type, we’ve got plenty of other twin sets that just have a nice ring to them. Below are our favorite “two of a kind” picks for matching boy-girl twin names.

Boy-girl twin baby names
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Top boy-girl twin baby names

  1. Madison, Mason
  2. Taylor, Tyler
  3. Addison, Aiden
  4. Dillan, Delanie
  5. Drew, Dakota
  6. Emily, Ethan
  7. Emma, Evan
  8. Ella, Ethan
  9. Emma, Ethan
  10. Jayda, Jayden
  11. Jada, Jaden
  12. Lennox, Layla
  13. Matthew, Mazie
  14. Quincy, Quinn
  15. Aidan, Nadia
  16. Aiden, Ava
  17. Emma, William
  18. Madison, Matthew
  19. Anna, William
  20. Emily, Evan
  21. Emma, Jacob
  22. Emma, Noah
  23. Isabella, Isaiah
  24. Madison, Michael
  25. Addison, Andrew
  26. Chloe, Connor
  27. Emma, Jack
  28. Nicholas, Sophia
  29. Noah, Sophia
  30. Olivia, Owen
  31. Zachary, Zoe
  32. Zachary, Zoey
  33. Brian, Brianna
  34. Caleb, Chloe
  35. Ethan, Isabella
  36. Grace, John
  37. Isabella, Michael
  38. Jacob, Jillian
  39. Jada, Jayden
  40. James, Julia
  41. Landon, London
  42. Lily, Luke
  43. Olivia, William
  44. Samuel, Sophia
  45. Sophia, William
  46. Abigail, Alexander
  47. Abigail, Benjamin
  48. Alexander, Ava
  49. Andrea, Andrew
  50. Andrew, Emily
  51. Ava, John
  52. Ava, Noah
  53. Emily, Ryan
  54. Emma, James
  55. Hannah, Noah
  56. Adan, Dana
  57. Taylor, Aaron
  58. Preston, Peyton
  59. Mia, Eli
  60. Parker, Harper

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Celebrity boy-girl twin names

Check out these unique and cool boy-girl twin names from some of our favorite celebrities — and even Cleopatra.

More tips for naming boy-girl twins

Many parents like naming boy-girl twins with names beginning with the same letter, like Faith and Finn or Mia and Max. If that’s you, check out our advanced baby name search to narrow down your list by searching for names by starting letter. Or maybe you just want to stick with a name theme; you could choose both traditional names or a specific origin, such as French names. Or go wild and give your twins totally unrelated names — it just might be the best way to help them stand out as individuals.

Originally published September 2011. Updated September 2017.


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