Picking a baby name is tough, and it only gets tougher when you find out you've got two on the way. A name can communicate so many things — strength, sweetness, ferocity and sentimental meaning. Plus, you have to be able to imagine it on a résumé someday. No pressure!

The Social Security Administration keeps track of the most popular baby names every year. They used to note the most popular names for twins each year too, but no longer — now, we're on our own here. And what do we do in the absence of stats for the most popular twin name pairings? We take the most popular girl names of 2017 and pair them ourselves, of course. Here are our favorite name combos for twin girls.

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Top 50 twin names for girls

  1. Isabella, Sophia
  2. Hazel, Maeve
  3. Olivia, Sophia
  4. Ella, Emma
  5. Iris, Ivy
  6. Ava, Emma
  7. Heaven, Nevaeh (Nevaeh is Heaven reversed!)
  8. Madison, Morgan
  9. Charlotte, Evelyn
  10. Ava, Isla
  11. Amelia, Olivia
  12. Aurora, Arabella
  13. Luna, Rose
  14. Faith, Grace
  15. Gabriella, Isabella
  16. Abigail, Olivia
  17. Emma, Sophia
  18. London, Paris
  19. Elizabeth, Emily
  20. Valeria, Vanessa
  21. Emily, Emma
  22. Emma, Grace
  23. Gabriella, Isabella
  24. Abigail, Allison
  25. Abigail, Emma
  26. Addison, Ava
  27. Anna, Emma
  28. Ava, Mia
  29. Ava, Sophia
  30. Abigail, Emily
  31. Addison, Emma
  32. Chloe, Sophie
  33. Grace, Hope
  34. Natalie, Nicole
  35. Savannah, Sierra
  36. Allison, Ashley
  37. Ella, Lily
  38. Emily, Natalie
  39. Emily, Olivia
  40. Emma, Hannah
  41. Emma, Lily
  42. Haylee, Kaylee
  43. Jennifer, Jessica
  44. Madison, Mckenzie
  45. Abigail, Elizabeth
  46. Addison, Avery
  47. Adriana, Andrea
  48. Alexandra, Elizabeth
  49. Ashley, Emily
  50. Ava, Grace

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A version of this article was originally published in October 2010.

Celebrity twin girl names

Celebrities are notorious for finding unique and wacky baby names. However, most of these twin names are surprisingly sweet.

  • Dave Matthews: Stella and Grace
  • George W. Bush: Jenna and Barbara
  • Ron Howard: Paige and Jocelyn
  • Lou Diamond Phillips: Isabella and Grace
  • Loretta Lynn: Patsy and Peggy
  • Michael J. Fox: Aquinnah and Schuyler
  • Martie MaGuire from the Dixie Chicks: Kathleen and Eva
  • Peri Gilpin: Stella and Ava
  • Lance Armstrong: Grace and Isabelle
  • Mia Hamm: Ava and Grace
  • Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell: Charlie and Dolly
  • Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick: Marion and Tabitha
  • Marcia Cross: Eden and Savannah
  • Lisa Marie Presley: Finley and Harper

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Name themes

Some parents choose alliteration, rhyming or another theme when naming their twins. Some popular alliterative twin names include Addison and Ally or Harlow and Harper. You can also pick names that rhyme, such as Mia and Nia or Emma and Gemma.

One cool trend among twin girl names is picking two virtue names, such as Faith and Hope or Grace and Justice. Some parents even pick a more specific name theme, such as seasonal names (Autumn and Spring) or destination names (Brooklyn and London). The possibilities are endless. Just maybe don't name your twins Rage and Dikshit.